Friday, November 25, 2011

Captain's Log... You, You I call out!...

Yes, I said You!

Just three shots of a combi-melta/powerfisted guy I needed for a list I am testing. One powerfist didn't give it enough... oomph!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Captain's Log... Third Place...

Third Place!

Once again unto the breech...

The 12th of November down at FTW games in Richmond hosted an 1850 point Tournament with about 100 bucks worth of prizes handed out. Eight people showed and it was a good day for all. I played three rounds and the rundown of armies included: Grey Knights (1), Dark Eldar (1), Imperial Guard (1), Blood Angels (1), Ravenguard (1), The First Legion (Me), Tau (1), and Horde Orks (1).

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Captain's Log... A Rant - The Corner will not be constrained!

adidas Originals Star Wars Collection   Princess Leia [First Look]
Inspiration has to come from somewhere!

It's a dreary morning here in beautiful New York where I have been in exile (work) including being attacked by Poppa Nurgle (pneumonia + cold). The Apothecary says I'm free of any illness but I won't be returning for a day or two to The Rock (home).

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Captain's Log... Fiction Only...


I was sick over the last several weeks first with a cold that developed to pneumonia which returned to a cold. I've been to the doctor and to the counter for things that would help me get better... I have five days to go on one round of medicine.

Here is a piece of fiction, after the break, which I've been fiddling with along with doing nothing with my models. Enjoy!  

With permission I have re-worked a collaboration on an arena battle that my good friend Consadine and I had wrote many moons ago. I submit it now from an older corner...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Captain's Log... Quarantined...

The only corner with it's own black hole.

Just a note... I have been sick... no hobby stuff, no blog stuff, no forum stuff. In other words...

I got nothing! 

I'll be in the corner pictured above...


P.S. - Wash your hands after reading this post.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Captain's Log... A Question...


I've been trying to build a count-as 'Rune Priest' for the First Legion and it has been going... not so good.

After the break are two different models that I have put together in no particular order to represent the 'Rune Priest'. I'd appreciate any comments.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Captains Log... Relaxing Saturday...

Run, run, run!

I enjoyed a day down at the local FLGS doing a 1000 point RTT Tournament run by Rob Baer and his staff. The truth be told it was most of the players who didn't make the second round of 'Ard Boyz and younger players in the area. It is what it is and I wanted to play. What am I doing building and plotting if I don't get out to see how my well laid plans are utterly dashed the moment the first dice rolls!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Captain's Log... Product Review...

I'm going to show some close up pictures and some opinion on a fortress I purchased from a company called WarMill.

First though, I want to give credit where it is due. WarMill has a presence on Dakka Dakka and I am not trying to move in on any of their success or the success of WarMill in starting their company. I'm just an average guy calling it as I see it.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Captain's Log... Flash 40K...

Shazam!!!... and we're done!

Today was a "40K Flash Tournament" at the local store. The complete rules for this event can be found here (For The Win Games) instead of shamelessly stealing the text to create a longer post.

When you start 'modifying' 40K to play at certain point levels the unintended consequences is that certain 'builds' (lists) can become more effective on the table regardless of the situation on the table when it comes to deployment, missions, and opponents.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

Captain's Log... Wing Dings...

These are better!

How is everyone? Do you all have a chair, is everyone comfy? Water?


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Captain's Log... Fortress Completed...

Here is the fortress completed and arranged with all the pieces including the extra two towers and two long sections I ordered.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Captain's Log... Distractions...

Is it Christmas already? I think not!

When I came home from work today this was on the front porch.

I'm like a nerd in a game store corner on pay day with money to spend!


(More pictures after the break)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Captain's Log... Don't wear a red shirt...

I will post 'THEE' list that is absolutley unbeatable. You can 'draw' against it but I cannont, due to my abilities and choices, beat it.

Oh... I can do cool things like charging with dreds and making DCA's run (before he died) but no much else. Belial... dead. Sammael... imobilised, can't shoot. One terminator was left... in combat with seven DCA's when the match ended.

One more match in the corner...


Captain's Log... Bye...

First match of 'Ard boyz goes to... me! My name was left in the bucket and we had an odd number of people show.

It means I get the privilege of playing... mech eldar, GK's with the DCAs spam, nine Tau Broadsides, horde Orks, Space Wolves, or Marines....

I hope they are serving meatloaf for lunch in the corner!


Captain's Log... Need I say more? ...

I'll be in an 'Ard Boyz corner today...


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Captain's Log... 'Ard Boyz, List #2...

Dark Angels Thunderhawk.jpg
My ride to and from work! :P

The picture has nothing to do with my post but it does look good. Don't you agree?

I've pondered, played, and begged help with my list and it has boiled down to running a hybrid list as suggested. I'd love to run a pure Deathwing but it'll never 'get back to the thunderhawk'... so to speak.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Captain's Log... March towards Doom...

Assault Cannon for 40k Terminator
No challenge intended.
August 13th is coming up quickly and I am going to partake in the annual 'Ard Boyz event here locally in Richmond. We have a couple of shops hosting the preliminary rounds and I'm going to head into the mouth of the beast where, probably (without much discussion), the best 40K player in the area will throw down and defend the local gaming club called 'SPR' (Stoney Point Refugee's).

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Myth-marked Merchandising: 'Ard Boyz (- The Shoplifted Edtion)

No challenge inteneded.

Jennie over at 'Nine Worlds, Ten Thousand Things' has a little fiction project going on and I thought it would be fun while I am on vacation to join her in her project. I'm really shamelessly stealing it for the week thus the 'Shoplifting Edition' in the title.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Captain's Log... Fortress Inbound...

Fortress Kit

Hello everyone! I hope the summer is treating you well as it has been an utter 'crap-fest' for me due to some long hours at work. The long hours however, are over!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Captain's Log... Winner!...

A couple of weeks ago I contributed to the Heroes of Armageddon Charity. Last week there were eight prizes donated from all all across the net and three were of the print pictured by a person named ' Brother Melice' from Bolter and Chainsword.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Captain's Log... Busy...

Me and Mini-Me

I'll be in the corner... playing with dinosaurs and watching 'Gnomeo + Juliet'...


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Captain's Log... Coteaz...

A fellow nemed Kesley schooled me today in the ways of running Grey Knights without really running Grey Knights. I have the codex and have been reading it and have browsed the internet. If I was an arrogant man I would have been humbled but I am already humble so I just lost and learned a great lesson.

Captain's Log... Going Second...

Sooo... Last night was another interesting adventure unto the fray with the Terminators.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Captain's Log... Wound Allocation...


So after a goodly amount of games using 'Death Hammer' ( I know Ray, I know! :P) I find myself at a crossroad.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Captain's Log... Chapter Tactics... Explain the Chaplain thing...

The idea is to change just one thing in the Dark Angels codex and not combine or stack the idea's. Two weeks ago I wrote that if you took an Interrogator Chaplain that you could further take a regular chaplain that did not count towards your force organization chart.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Captain's Log... Status Report...

To all ten of my devoted followers. I apologize for this week due to 'work' being out of control.

For the rest of you...

I'm gaming this weekend and will be back to the corner later...


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Captain's Log... Barter Bucket...

Look what I got for a paperclip!

The bloggers over at Santa Cruz Warhammer have a project going to 'trade' bits called 'Barter Bucket.

My introduction to 'trading' bits started several years ago on a forum and was really a 'pay it forward' type thing where people would request something and the members would see what they could do if so inclined. My friend Pat was invovled and I have not forgotten his idea nor how he handles himself in the big pond of the internet and blogging.

I am very supportive of 'trading' bits to help each of us out and that's why I'm posting about them.

Here are the links to their site and their article.

Santa Cruz Warhammer

Barter Bucket Article

I'll be in a corner looking through my bitz!


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Captain's Log... Death Hammer Random thoughts...

Something seems to be missing in the deplyment zone? (LOS blocking 'stuff')

Using only thirty-two terminators and two dreds is a bit unnerving. The low model count can be very intimidating and figuring out how to use them correctly is going to take some work.

Captain's Log... A Father's Day gift...

The FAA needs some new regulations  on pilot training I think!

My wife is my best friend and every six months or so, no it's not what you are 'inuendo-ing', takes a trip two hours north to her family with our son. I on the the other hand stay at home and get forty-eight hours of 'Rumbling' in! My friends form out of state and furhter North help me turn my house into "Summer Rumble"!

Captain's Log... Death Hammer in Action...

Yah they're unpainted... for now they're in-progress... still... :P

This weekend four 40K players arrived at my house to game and hang-out. Two are out of state and the other two are a father and son from two hours north of Richmond. This is the second time we have gotten together and will be the last since Trin and his sone are moving to Washington state.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Captain's Log... Chapter Tactics... June 12th...

Completed picture to follow...

Hello to all!

Another week of work and lots of driving each day for me, which gives me ample time on the road to think about 'stuff'. Sometimes it's custard, corners, dinner, or the blogs.

In another site I have the username which includes 'chaplain'. Chaplains are the guys who keep the faith, inspire their battle brothers, and show their battle brothers the errors of their ways. Chaplains are a brooding lot and might be described as 'cranky' in less endangered times. Chaplains are without fear and utterly destructive in battle. Every been hit by crozius? I don't want to find out.

This week I submit this for 'changing' just one thing to the Dark Angels codex to try out in your games. Chaplains fill  a specific role within the Dark Angels chapter so if you see them on the battlefield it's for a reason, a specific reason. Have you been faithful today? Say your prayers for they might be your last!

Allow each Interrogator Chaplain taken in a Dark Angels force to further allow one 'chaplain' to be taken in your army. This chaplain does not take up a force organization slot and does not count against your alloted headquarter choices. In effect you could have four 'chaplains' in your force.

Interesting corner isn't it?


Friday, June 10, 2011

Captain's Log... What do you fear?...

After playing in four games last weekend the game that stuck in my mind was the last where a nice young woman, new to Tyranids, got completely stomped by those in 'The Grider' event for FTW's birthday weekend.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Captain's Log... The Grinder...

Goatboy's bag of Death and Tenticles!

It's birthday time in Richmond for the local game store called 'FTW' run by Rob Baer of 'Spikey Bits' and internet notorious-ness! It has been a weekend filled with door prizes, tournements, and for adults... adult beverages!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Captain's Log... Chapter Tactics...

A couple of years ago I wrote and published online, a 'bridge' between the old Dark Angels codex and then the 'new' Space Marine codex. It was 'ok' but could have been better. That was in the past and I have moved on just as the FAQ for the Dark Angel codex has been updated. I've been hiding in certain corners...

Monday, May 30, 2011

Captain's Log... Memorial Day 2011...

On July 1st 2004 Sgt Christopher Wagner of 'C' (Charlie for non-military people) Company, 10th Aviation Regt. was in a convoy in Mosul Iraq. His vehicle hit a roadside bomb. Many were injuried and he died.

I was not there when he died but he was a fellow soldier in the unit we served and at one point I was intrusted with his care as his platoon sergeant. He was a good non-commisioned officer that I will not forget.


aka - Staff Sergeant Tim Weston USA Ret.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Captain's Log... Status Report...

Lady and Gentlemen following the blog...

I have returned from two weeks of work out of state and will report something when there is something to reoprt.

I have another piece of fiction I'm working on but it ain't right... so it is slwo going. Death Hammer is coming along slow and not much appearence has changed.

Ahhh... and I'm distracted by a toy helicopter (Air Hog with camera) I recieved for my birthday on the 15th. I can get it to fly around but am still trying to get it to do 'what I want it to do' when I want it to. The idea is that in June I am going to take some footage of a 40K game and combine it with some music for fun. In the military we call it gun footage... in certain circles they call it 'nerding out'!

I'll be back shortly from the my personal corner...


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Captain's Log... Duel of Wills...

The next piece of fiction is new, quite long, and out of sequence with the rest.

I come up with these scene's in my head while I drive between projects for work. Many times it takes me months to get it down into word even though I may have been playing it over and over in my head on several occasions.

'Duel of Wills' is part orginal fiction and part fiction that I wrote with a friend of mine, Consadine, over a year ago and tampered with it to make a story. It was orginally two separte pieces, one being a duel between my character and Cons and one written about Castiel by myself.

I'll be in the corner flying remote controlled helicopters if you need me...


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Captain's Log... The First Legion...

I like calling my marines The First Legion better then any other name I have come up with and in no small part due to the fact that I don't paint them like typical Dark Angels. In fact the only green on them is an emerald green (emerald ilse) from a craft paint line. In the Hours Heresy novels the Lion is described as having an emerld green cloak... so I'm good!

Captain's Log... A personal rant...

It's May 15th and I'm away from home. I ain't happy about it but it happens. I'll be working today for a bit and getting ready for the week ahead filled with travel and work.
It's my birthday... the corner just turned 'ancient'... err... rather turned more ancient... the next stage will be 'dusty'...

I'll be in some corner of Nashville,


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Captain's Log... Archives... Evacuation...

Steven’s hands worked like lighting, flashing from wound to wound. His mind streamed out its consciousness, forcing his body to respond faster than normal. The injured brother’s respiration was rapid and one of his hearts had failed altogether. Larraman cells in the blood were staunching the open wounds but some were too severe to completely seal. The worst injuries wept like they were ready to break open at any moment. Already his brother had gone into stasis to conserve precious energy and bodily resources. He was dying but his conscious mind didn’t know it.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Captain's Log... Archives... The First Winter

It wasn’t easy being alone after Chaplain Azariah died. I needed someone to share my thoughts and experiences of what I was going through. Every day I found myself going out to my parent’s grave and back to the mausoleum of the “Deliverance” where Chaplain Azariah and the others rested. They were my family and I needed their counsel even if it was silent. Their mere presence made me feel better and gave me a purpose.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Captain's Log... Archives... Initiated...

   Looking at the last crypt in the mausoleum, Interrogator-Chaplain Tenebras silently noted it was unmarked unlike the others. Looking back down the row of crypts in comparison, he noticed a small data pad he had not seen before with the equipment of the late Chaplain Azariah.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Captain's Log... Archives... Found...

   The rain poured from the sky, drenching Kellen’s clothes and equipment. Undergrowth and roots made for a treacherous escape into the hills for every stride had the chance of sending him sprawling. It was a daunting task for anyone, even a well trained twelve year old boy. The caves where he could elude the beasts long enough to get back to the Deliverance were his only chance. Silently he did thank the Emperor for the downpour that masked his running through the undergrowth and moved as fast as he could mindful of his steps.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Captain's Log... Archives... Escape...

The control room was deserted except for Techmarine Maeson continuing to monitor the active battle vox nets and the fortresses still functioning monitors. Automated gun emplacements roared outside while the populace of Hellican II departed the Tyranid infestation. Minutes were left thousands of survivors remained to board transports to the awaiting fleet. Once the evacuation was complete the exterminatus would begin and consume the planet of all life, Imperial or otherwise, that was left behind.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Captain's Log... Archives... Orphaned...

The smoke and steam from the ancient rail transport billowed above and hissed onto the crowd as it pulled in front of the loading platform. Only a few days were left until the last of the transports evacuated the majority of the population. Hundreds of advanced transports lay untouched as their internal controls failed to function. The Machine spirits had been driven from them by the wake of psychic interference preceding the Tyranids.

As the snake like machine rolled to a stop the crowd pushed themselves forward against the barriers occupied by Imperial Guardsmen tasked with crowd control. Some people weren’t going to make it today. Some weren’t going to make it ever. Hellicus II was living up to its name now that the Tyranids had arrived. Hell had arrived in living form.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Captain's Log... Good Words...

I have learned that good words should always be repeated. I won't copy and paste or add any heavy handed dribble to some good words.

Sandwyrm doesn't know me, isn't affiliated with me, nor are we linked to each other. I just happen to be some 'guy' on the internet that thinks he wrote an exceptional article. Klick the link provided and read his words.

I'll be in some other corner... watching LotR and painting...


The Back 40K

(Dune was great wasn't it!)

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Captain's Log... The Meat-Ginder...

When I get the chance to game I try to get out regardless of where my models status are concerning painting. I like to play with painted figures, will never win any awards with them, but I try. I put an effort into slapping some paint onto my guys and this is really what the beigning of this article is about tonight more then a battle report.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Captain's Log... Inprogress...

Just a snapshot of the shield on a sergeant. I have another in red outline instead of the green but it needs some work. Funny how pictures bring out all the imperfections.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Captain's Log... Happy Easter!...

I'll be in the corner... finding eggs filled with candy and toys with a three year old and celebrating God's son rising from the dead...


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Captain's Log... Death Hammer... Built!...

The building of the 'beak-i-nators is complete and went with only one accident. I broke, then stepped on and crushed, a resin shoulder pad from Forge World that I had been saving for awhile. Accidents happen but I was still able to complete the project. Belial is in the corner with two crux terminatus on his shoulders.

To all my fans that wanted all beak-i-nators... the new grey knights parts were too tempting to pass up for Belial's squad. :P

I'll be in some corner if you need me,


Monday, April 18, 2011

Captain's Log... Picture Day...

What happens in the corner while his best friend and son are away? Take pictures!

I only took pictures of fully painted and based minatures. I use codex grey and dry brush with astronomican grey. The shoulder pads are emerald green and white. Some old blue coloring can be seen on some miniatures do to inprogress re-paint I started earlier this year. A few, actually a lot, are still in the que and are not (re)painted and/or based such as thirty more terminators that can be seen previously on the site and some tacticals to round out squads to a full ten marine unit.

Enjoy the pictures from the corner,


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Captain's Log... Death Hammer... A Stolen Name...

To go along with the pictures posted this is the list associated with them. I'm sure there may be tweekings, but at the moment I'm outta funds to get another cyclone missle launcher and another set of terminators.

I just need your thoughts and that would be greatly appreciated.

I'll be in the corner... with bandaids!