Sunday, June 19, 2011

Captain's Log... A Father's Day gift...

The FAA needs some new regulations  on pilot training I think!

My wife is my best friend and every six months or so, no it's not what you are 'inuendo-ing', takes a trip two hours north to her family with our son. I on the the other hand stay at home and get forty-eight hours of 'Rumbling' in! My friends form out of state and furhter North help me turn my house into "Summer Rumble"!

War torn streets never looked so good!

The fight between an add-hoc Ravenwing list and a traditional Imperial Guard force was long and protracted last three plus hours. The opening picture and this one really tell of the back and forth battle between my friends Morgan (Dark Angels Ravenwing) and Matt (Imperial Guard Mechanised)

Kill, maim, destroy!

My fight with Matt ended in a slight victory for me against the tanks of the guard. We had some disagreements over property and had to fight for three key objectives. In the end I held two (one by in inch) and Matt held the line on his side of the board.

I'm the fat guy.

Death Hammer went to bed last night victorious over Orks and woke up to do battle. winning a second. I'm thinking it's a pretty good Father's day and weekend.

This is the 'solid' objective that I held.

Nothing says 'You shall not pass!' better then Imperial Guard unless you are the Death Wing holding the line!

In the upper left is the objective in the building I almost lost.

Several turns I held the objective but almost lost it when I 'routed' and IG special weapons unit and the lone guy was falling back over it. Matt also had one chimmera with another 'elite' choice rolling in but was one inch away from contesting. Once again a lone Terminator was left standing one one side of the board within 24 hours.

Matt's well defended line.

The Hellicus II PDF Destroyer - Lone wolf!

At the end of the day my friend Morgan painted a one-off tank I never intend to use and had no idea of how to paint. I'm thinking I made out really well for Father's day and the weekend going :

2 wins - Orks and Guard
1 Loss - Ravenwing
1 Draw - Chaos (vs three daemons in 'drawhammer')

Enjoy the pictures, I'll be in the corner eating left over salsa and burgers,


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