Friday, June 10, 2011

Captain's Log... What do you fear?...

After playing in four games last weekend the game that stuck in my mind was the last where a nice young woman, new to Tyranids, got completely stomped by those in 'The Grider' event for FTW's birthday weekend.

Why did it stick in my mind?

At one point in the game, turn three if I am not mistaken, she was concerned with losing her big creatures to shooting. Having no shooting of her own she wanted to stray from her plan, her only plan, and try to run away when she was almost to my units.

I had to coax her into sticking to 'da plan' becasue it didn't really matter if she ran or kept coming. I was going to shoot her unitl I couldn't shoot anymore. If she kept at me she might just take a few of my guys with creatures.


My point is that we fear many things and when we get behind in the game of 40K we shouldn't just give up or run. It's only a game and we can still learn form our mistakes. Granted on certain levels it is important but I think there does come a time in the turn of events when you, yourself, know that things might be lost. My advice is to just keep playing and see how things turn out. The Emperor protects!

With all that said I will tell you what I fear. I didn't say it but it sums it up best for me to you.

I do not actually fear death. I fear that no one will notice my absence , that I will disappear without a trace.

The only thing I can do to combat that fear is leave a little part of me behind in my sons or in the people I meet.

I'll be in the corner... beating the darkness back with my son's flashlight...


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