Sunday, June 19, 2011

Captain's Log... Death Hammer Random thoughts...

Something seems to be missing in the deplyment zone? (LOS blocking 'stuff')

Using only thirty-two terminators and two dreds is a bit unnerving. The low model count can be very intimidating and figuring out how to use them correctly is going to take some work.

In my game against orks I set up on a road hoping to make it accross into cover and force my opponent to come at me and assault me in cover or drive his trucks and wagons in after me (forcing a dangerous terrain check). The picture above shows most of my deployment in nothing but trees set up by my opponents son. He means well but the whole idea of balancing the table so one side or the other is foreign to him at this point in his experience with warhammer. He'll get it over time since he is a smart kid.

I thought Trin's orks would get to my piece of the board but I stopped his wagon's early and then kept coming at him in close combat. The storm shields combined with wound allocation in a two TH + SS, chainfist, powerfist, cyclone missile launcher w/ TH + SS (five terminator squad) is good. I know that many favor a full five TH + SS combo with the cyclone added as the optimal choice but in many cases against orks it was enough to have three.

Now against Imperial Guard and their big guns and units loaded with special weapons I would have liked forgone the shooty terminators and had all the +3 saves. I'm not sure where the middle ground (as in balance) can be found.

The dreds in my list, however 'cool' they are don't fit. I have to concede that small units of Ravenwing bikes w/two meltaguns and teleport homers is the way to go. It gives me options about 'outflanking' and the deathwing assault combined with the homers are 'tools' not to be ignored. I found in all my games with the terminator squads that they could in fact withstand at least one round of the 'kitchen sink' being thrown at them making me 'want' the deathwing assault option.

Being fearless has the bonus of making the 'psyker battle squad combined with ratling snipers' shinnanigans usless. I'm still subseptable to 'the powers' but I found in three differing games that they were no big deal against me. I have not played wolves yet so I reserve the right to change my mind though.

All in all I am pleased with the terminators and my opponents agree that adding the bikes will improve what I have available to do on the table against other opponents. Painting bikes is next onmy list after I finish the terminators and a few other models. July is coming up and I have some vacation... to paint and enjoy the beach.

If you have any questions, I will be in the corner...



  1. I'm gonna keep pickin' on you for using the name Death Hammer to describe an army so vastly different than the original in makeup.

    It looks like you are doing just fine going through the growing process of what works and what doesn't. I tried to explain why small amounts of armor wasn't good for this concept when I first started writing on Death Hammer.

    I understand that some people learn better through practice and experience, so I applaud your ability to try out lots of combinations with the strong terminator core.

    If you want to utilize dreadnoughts or other fire support armor pieces, you're going to need to drastically cut down the number of terminators you are running (and also drop the second HQ to stay efficient). I think a mix of predators, dreads, and speeders can work really well with the Deathwing to make a nice hybrid list. You can do really amazing things if your opponents will let you use the Mortis Dreadnought, though I wouldn't expect to ever use that in a tournament until the DA's next codex.

    The more games you get in, the more you will appreciate the need for both long range anti-transport weapons as well as some mobile elements.

    While your terminators are awesome at cracking open transports in melee, lots of those move fast enough to stay out of range. Autocannons, Missiles, and Lascannons allow you to slow the enemy down so that you can eventually meet up with them in close combat.

  2. Thank you for the comment RayJ.

    I knew before this weekend that the 'dreds' and 'chappy' wouldn't work out well but wanted to use them anyway since that was what the 'guys' were expecting in our semi-annual get together.

    I go back and forth on the 'make-up' of the squad by dropping both the powerfist and chainfist for two more TH's + SS's. I have the 'bits to build a few more terminators so I am going to swap out the powerfist, swap the chappy + dreds for the bikes and go at it again.

    I'm not sure about the predators that you mention RayJ. Stelek on YTTH has his 'Ard boyZ' list up and it has predators in it. I have one Auto-Las already built and painted and another half done so I suppose I can try it out. (My initial thoughts)

    Corner of hard knocks here I come...


  3. Just keep in mind that any investment in armor means you need to make a significant investment there. 1 or 2 vehicles in an all-foot list won't last long. I'd go for a minimum of 6 for a hybrid army,and hopefully as many as 8.

    I'd look at something like this (just a jumping off point, but should be pretty sound):

    Belial (LC or TH/SS)
    DW Command w/ Cyclone, Apothecary, Standard, 5x TH/SS
    3x Deathwing Squads w/ Cyclone & 1 Chainfist
    3x Typhoon speeders with multi-meltas
    2x Dreadnoughts with Multi-Melta & Heavy Flamer
    2x Predator with Autocannon & Lascannon Sponsons
    1x Predator with Autocannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Storm Bolter, & Hunter-Killer

    Totals at 2000 points, grants you a solid 21 terminators and 8 vehicles. Some decent gunline, some fast support elements, and the right mix of weapons to crack any target. Every unit has some form of duality so you can adapt to the situation at hand.