Sunday, June 12, 2011

Captain's Log... Chapter Tactics... June 12th...

Completed picture to follow...

Hello to all!

Another week of work and lots of driving each day for me, which gives me ample time on the road to think about 'stuff'. Sometimes it's custard, corners, dinner, or the blogs.

In another site I have the username which includes 'chaplain'. Chaplains are the guys who keep the faith, inspire their battle brothers, and show their battle brothers the errors of their ways. Chaplains are a brooding lot and might be described as 'cranky' in less endangered times. Chaplains are without fear and utterly destructive in battle. Every been hit by crozius? I don't want to find out.

This week I submit this for 'changing' just one thing to the Dark Angels codex to try out in your games. Chaplains fill  a specific role within the Dark Angels chapter so if you see them on the battlefield it's for a reason, a specific reason. Have you been faithful today? Say your prayers for they might be your last!

Allow each Interrogator Chaplain taken in a Dark Angels force to further allow one 'chaplain' to be taken in your army. This chaplain does not take up a force organization slot and does not count against your alloted headquarter choices. In effect you could have four 'chaplains' in your force.

Interesting corner isn't it?



  1. Interesting idea but you still need to address the point cost and wargear as well. ;)

  2. Look Tallarn,

    I'm doing this elephant... :P

    I'll put some more thoguht into it tomorrow.