Sunday, June 19, 2011

Captain's Log... Death Hammer in Action...

Yah they're unpainted... for now they're in-progress... still... :P

This weekend four 40K players arrived at my house to game and hang-out. Two are out of state and the other two are a father and son from two hours north of Richmond. This is the second time we have gotten together and will be the last since Trin and his sone are moving to Washington state.

Last night I lost to a Ravenwing heavy list and earlier today Chaos soace Marines and I did the 'drawhammer' mission and... ended in a draw.

Belial with claws and Chaplain Gallassi

The short and sweet of the battle is that I won in six rounds a kill point mission (10 Kills points to 6) against Orks. I had the 30 Terminators, Belial, a Interrogator Chaplain, and two dreds against three trucks, two wagons, two nob squads, a big mek, warboss, and some boyz.

Last of Belial's Honor Guard

Last Terminator Standing

I would give you more pictures but mine turned out terribly blurry. So Just enjoy the shots and have a good weekend.

I'll be in the corner fighting chaos...


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