Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Captain's Log... Team Photo...

I finished my first season of Blood Bowl with a record of 3-8-1... no playoffs for me in our league. I wasn't surprised but still hoped that I might have beaten out a couple of the other teams with similar records. Season Five for the Richmond area starts after the holidays and a tournament is in Norfolk in January run by another group. 2013 is looking good for moar blood on the pitch!

Just three photos after the break without any witty comments. Except for the photo bomb by one of my blockers showing you his bloomers.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Captain's Log... All is not lost...

All is not lost for those of you that have followed my blog. No sea monster has eaten me, no sickness has taken me to other realities, nor have I lost my way to my blog.

I've been busy doing what we do... hobby stuff. 40K 6th Edition is in the throngs of newness and the new Chaos Codex has traitorous hearts all a flutter. All is as it should be and is well and truly good for the hobby.

I have been playing Bloodbowl in the 4th season of the local stores league. I have been playing at least once a week and the rest of my 'hobby time' has been to paint my team and build a pitch for the game. I have also been writing a few 'news' bulletins on the local forum for fun. I hope they are funny and amusing.

I am close to finishing my team and will post some pictures of the team standing on the field I built because they look really good with that as the background.

After the break you can find the nine news bulletins which may or may not tell you how the team is doing this season. My record is 3 - 3 in league play and it doesn't look like I will make it to the palyoffs this season but... things change and never count a dwarven bloodbowl player down till he is in the 'red' box.

Thanks for following and enjoy the creative writing around the corner...