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Captain's Log... All is not lost...

All is not lost for those of you that have followed my blog. No sea monster has eaten me, no sickness has taken me to other realities, nor have I lost my way to my blog.

I've been busy doing what we do... hobby stuff. 40K 6th Edition is in the throngs of newness and the new Chaos Codex has traitorous hearts all a flutter. All is as it should be and is well and truly good for the hobby.

I have been playing Bloodbowl in the 4th season of the local stores league. I have been playing at least once a week and the rest of my 'hobby time' has been to paint my team and build a pitch for the game. I have also been writing a few 'news' bulletins on the local forum for fun. I hope they are funny and amusing.

I am close to finishing my team and will post some pictures of the team standing on the field I built because they look really good with that as the background.

After the break you can find the nine news bulletins which may or may not tell you how the team is doing this season. My record is 3 - 3 in league play and it doesn't look like I will make it to the palyoffs this season but... things change and never count a dwarven bloodbowl player down till he is in the 'red' box.

Thanks for following and enjoy the creative writing around the corner...


News Bulletin #1

Ladies and Gentlemen,

After a long stint in the stockade the blitzer team of the Lochnagars are back with the team learning a valuable lesson about arguing about 'who can git who!'. They have agreed that there will be plenty of 'guttin' to be had for a season and will alternate who 'gits' who.

The Cornerstones are also proud to include (paid for out of the team treasury) Journeyman John Walker Black who will be wearing the number 16. John filled in for the Lochnagars while they served time as the guests of the local authorities and helped the CornerStones through some extra team training (inducement - extra re-roll). It was a tough game for John seeing as how there were two extra plays (player turns) due to rowdy crowds demanding more blood. 

For the local SPCA, Mister pig (the pigskin/ball) was unaffected/infected, since a lot of the local graveyard residents were in attendance and the rest of the 'living' crowd who loved his dirty pink uniform. No pigs were harmed in the playing of this match unlike the zombie who now has a leg bone put on backwards due to an injury (-1 to his agility due to the roll on the injury table).

Amazingly the Derping Skulls and Ones, won the game 4 - 0. Referee's were amazed too at the four casualties caused by the recently resurrected undead team. Some suspect the goblin referee had something to do with the casualties and win, but those rumors are unsubstantiated... for now. Fortunately just before the match a wandering Apothecary (inducement) was available to attend some of the injuried players on the CornerStones or a niggling injury would have been had by the runner Morgan Bladnoch.

Speaking of Bladnoch, Morgan was named (rolled) the most valuable player after the game this afternoon. Fighting his way through some sore ribs, a ripped hat, and a couple of falls from the Derping Werewolves he managed to figure out (gained a new skill) how to block his opponents instead of going down when the wind blew or the bad breath of the resurrected wolf man came his direction.

Other notable contributions to the team was the efforts of number eight, Vag Talisker. Vag was inspirational (the MVP) in a previous pre-season challenge and that carried through in this game with Talisker causing a casualty while protecting his teammates (gained the guard skill after the match).

The Cornerstones are now looking for a sponsor (monies from the league staff after I post my pictures) and any and all (idea's) are welcome. The team would also like to place a shout-out for any full time Lawyer (apothecary )looking for work due to recent 'off-pitch' activities (drinking a celebratory beer with Nate). Contact the CornerStone front office if interested in working for some short guys with attitude and all the whiskey you can manage while staying on your feet.

Once again the the CornerStones (Me) would like to extend a warm congratulations to the Derping Skullz and Ones (Nate) for a great afternoon. We look forward (maybe a challenge later in the season) to seeing you later in the season.

John Walker Redd, Ret. BB Blocker
Official CornerStone Spokesman

News Bulletin #2

Ladies and Gentlemen... and I guess this means Frank too...

I am proud to anounce three sponsors of the 'The Stones" bloodbowl pitch and the Cornerstones. Each sponsor argued for the right to name the pitch and pick the colors of the team but in the end the thick skulls of the Cornerstone players, and thrown kegs, prevailed and they retained their rights... and lefts. After the 'discussion of fisticuffs' the Cornerstones are 90,000 gp richer in there treasury that is hermetically sealed in an old mayonnaise jar, sitting on a corner of a front porch of an undisclosed location, and awaiting use for their next match. 

To interrupt our irregularly scheduled bulletin, you should be informed that an investigation by the league has been launched to determine 'what' was refereeing the opening game for the CornerStones. The Derps claim it was a disguised 'goblin' of another team and the 'other team' claims no knowledge but the smile on their faces betray the facts. Some claim that a long lost referee that 'blew' the coin toss on Thanksgiving Day all those years ago has returned to cause more havoc since he can't find work anywhere else. We here at the CornerStone front office are fine with taking it out on the pitch but the story continues.

As the official spokesman for the CornerStones this is where I am suppose to thank, beg, and grovel to those with the dollars but in the end I'm just too tired and don't really give a 'hairy dwarven posterior when he's beard down'. I will however show you the three sponsor banners that should be completed before the next regulation match and flown behind the whiskey kegs ready for the team post match.

Before I sign off I would also like to again shout-out to any lawyer (apothecary) ready to serve a team with the great benefit of having enough work for two surgeons, beer on tap during medical procedures, and never having to maintain a clean working environment. That's how we roll on 'The Stones!

John Walker Redd, Ret. BB Blocker
Official CornerStone Spokesman

News Bulletin #3

Ladies and Gentlemen... a term that does not apply to our league!   

John Walker Redd here with another exciting episode of how the Cornerstones turn...

It was a grave week for the CornerStones as the blocker Gavin Tobermory was killed in action. A Rat Ogre named Limburger, smelling the same as the cheese, ate him in retribution for a series pokes to the eye, fouls, knock downs, bribes, and stuns. BloodBowl has no fury like a chittering, warpstone doping, behemoth of death unless it is a minotaur, ogre, treeman, or werewolf. Applications for his position on the team are now open for consideration.

During the funeral of Blocker Tobermory his son Gavin Tobermory Jr. expressed interest in how to honor his father besides downing half a cask of the family brew and expelling foul gases that would clear a crowded stadium. I am proud to inform the followers of the CornerStones that Tobermory Jr. will be our newest blocker on the team. Applications for the position of blocker are now closed.

Another addition to the CornerStones is retired Judge Mills B. Lane who will be acting as our team legal (medical) defense Lawyer (apothecary). Lane has his work cut out for him as the local constables and league officials are already probing the teams off-pitch activities. Lane preveiwed the CornerStones during challenge match with the Croakers and discovered that the referee's were unduly pulling players from the match (guys being knocked out) for questioning. Lane is also interested in getting the CornerStone bounty program up an running to contribute to their 'head hunting' strategy.

Speaking of the Croakers... the slipper devils from a bog down under leaped their way to a win over the CornerStones as is their fashion. Lounging around town (Charles was looking for a match) the Croakers ended up at the CornerStone brewerey located next to the premises of the CornerStone stadium 'The Stones". In true spirit of fellow Bloodbowl players the Scotlings bought the first round of whiskey for the frogges, enjoyed some good conversations, and then it was all downhill from there. An argument ensued over which color of green was the 'best' and the only way to decide it was to win a BloodBowl challenge match right then and there. The Croakers have shown the dwarves the errors of their ways and the correct color choice when asked is asparagus not shamrock green.

Off pitch activities have once again plagued the Scotlings and spilled into the mtach against the Quesos (skaven). Throughout the match a host of witness statements (knocked out results) were conducted with the watchfull eyes of the fans. At on point though the fans were so enraged at the activities of both teams that they stormed the field. The Scotlings took the brunt of the storm and did not perform well after being stepped on by seven thousand of their own fans demanding more whiskey. Two team members were badly hurt but the injury reports reflect that they will be present for next weeks matchs. I assure the fans that a plethora of casks will be present for the fans, complimentary of course, for the next match. 

As mentioned earlier the Queso's rat ogre ate a scotling blocker but in retribution a line-rat involved in the fighting on and off the pitch ran onto the field but limped home (casualty, minus one to his movement, miss next game). Reports are sketchy but it is rumored that the skaven team will be down yet another rat for their next game. The way they rats conduct themselves we are sure that some other rat will be willing to fill his postion or be Limburgers lunch whichever comes first.

Thank your for reading this documentary from the corner office, as always...

John Walker Redd, Ret. BB Blocker
Official CornerStone Spokesman

News Bulletin  #4 - Slander We Say!

Ladies and Gentlemen... and I really mean the spectators... :p

Slander has been thrown in the face of the dear, sweet, short, kilt wearing, dwarven team known as the CornerStones!


I report from a bystander which may or may not be worse than coming from a rival team of the league. Kilroy of the local chapter of S.P.R. has accuse the owner of the CornerStones, and by a this accusation the team itself, of being the reason behind this seasons questionable kill count. It appears that there is some relationship between Kilroy and the Super Pactastic Renegades but this is still under investigation.


The official statement from the teams Lawyer (apothecary), Ret. Judge Mills B. Lane, is that they are a fun loving, whiskey drinking, bloodbowl playing band of dwarves doing what they do best. Any deaths are strictly coincidental and have nothing to do with their off-pitch activities nor drinking on the field during the game. "Cabers fall on people all the time, if you are too sober to survive the hit, then maybe you should stay on the bench or drink more!" - Tallarn Glennlivet, CornerStone Blocker

The official statement from the CornerStones owner to Kilroy is....

"Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah..."

John Walker Redd, Ret. BB Bocker
Official CornerStone Spokesman

News Bulletin #5

Gentlemen... since you scared the Ladies away... Mike, I'm looking at you!... :p

Week three for the Cornerstones is starting off just like the rest... drunk, a challenge match, and loss. The owner of the Cornerstones is solidly behind the team (he has no choice really) and has ordered even more practice to ensure that first season of the Scotlings is not the last. Whiskey Production is Scotland has doubled, but that is another story that is unrelated... at this time. (My fan whiskey barrels are in progress!)

With a slip of the keyboard, the advancement (+1 agility) to Morgan Bladnoch was forgotten in the last newsletter since 'slander' has a way of doing that! Team practice, a whipping boy, and finally breaking through the thick skull of the Scotling runner, has caused him to figure out how to stay on his feet better than many. His teammates since dubbed him Morgan 'Twinkletoes" Bladnoch since 'The Flash' is a copyright infringement with Marvel comics... we think.

This Sunday though, while not grave, was a game of trial and punishment for the CornerStones against the Orczillions. Both teams came into the match thinking that they were scheduled for a match but as it turns out both teams need remedial reading classes and it ended up being a challenge match instead.

Mitchie Glennfiddich was arrested (fouled out on doubles) on field due to his practice of hitting another Orc player while he was down. Now, since this is Bloodbowl, it isn't necessarily punishable but our Lawyer (apothecary) was unable to get a plea deal with the officials of the game and Mitchie spent his time under 'Fan Arrest' on the orc sideline and also went without any whiskey to drown out the Ork Bloodweiser babes that kept dancing to the tune 'Shake your groove thing!'. We here at the CornerStone front office think that the Orczillions have an agreement with 'Touch Down There', one of our sponsors, over this particular choice and think they are burning the candle at both ends! At this time there is no comment from the owner of 'Touch down there' and do not expect (nor want) one.

The bright sunlight was a hindrance for both teams this afternoon (-1 to pass) and Mister Pig had a great day bouncing from one player to another causing turnovers. At one point Ossai Jura of the CornerStones passed to 'Twinkletoes', missed with an inaccurate pass, but Mister Pig was happy to jump back into the hands of Ossai none the less and prevented a turnover. It seems Jura has a thing for bacon like our pig.

I am happy to report that despite the loss no one was arrested and incarcerated for the next game or killed. At one point Gavin Tobermory Jr., playing his first game, was slammed to the turf by the local authorities and dragged from the field, but our Lawyer (apothecary) due to his 'army legal training' was able to prevent his arrest (death) and copped a deal for Gavin Jr. to stay on the sidelines under arrest as time served (badly hurt).

As an aside the front office would like the two unaccounted casks of whiskey returned to the CornerStones that were guarded by Gavin Jr. during his arrest.

The real star of the game, despite not being named MVP this challenge match, was Twinkletoes. While a mess of players fought on the pitch during the last play of the game, Twinkletoes managed to foul an Orc lineman to the point that the current Orc Maddoc (apothecary) was only able to patch him up where he would miss the next game and carry the injury into the rest of the season (niggling injury).

Tallarn Glenlivet, the MVP of this challenge match, would like to thank the 2000 fans that attended our game and voted him (rolled the dice) the MVP many thanks and drinks are or on the house till Tuesday.

For our fans I am able to confirm that the teams kilts are on order and will arrive shortly. (The team has three members left to be painted!)

Until next time, I will be in the corner...

John Walker Redd, Ret. BB Blocker
Official CornerStone Spokesman

News Bulletin #6

Ladies... as I don't see any gentlemen in the crowd, smoking jacket or not!... 

If there were to be a theme for week three for the CornerStones, it would be 'Fast and Furious' or 'Crime and Punishment', maybe both!

Week three ended Friday night with a closeout game against the Super Pactastic Renegades in which the continuing idea of 'appeasement and drink' and let them score went unbroken. I would say more but nothing of note happened except for the seven players carted off the field for excessive celebration. (three red boxed, two yellow boxed, two fouled out at one point) Mills B. Lane the CornerStones council was on his toes but his attention to detail didn't help in getting the wayward drunkards back onto the field. Fortunately they all made bail and were present for week four's events.

Saturday night was the Leagues 'Game and Grill' with visiting teams and plenty of events. The Cornerstones drank themselves into a double header which may have been a miscalculation on the leagues part in scheduling. (What was I thinking! )

First up the CornerStones sponsors "Touch Down There", demanded (scheduled a challenge) a match after the 'Stone' was short on sending over their supply of triple malt whiskey for the TDT snotlings. Now, the TDT squad had just picked up a new ogre on the line and the other ogres had been finally beaten over the head with a hammer enough to realize they could actually 'guard' each other. As a matter of course the newbie on the squad could comprehend 'guard', let alone 'stand up' (failed bonehead roll) and spent much of the first half on his back while the CornerStones poured drinks on his chest (fouled him to no avail).

TDT wasn't taking the 'wasting' of drink and had to show the dwarves the error of there ways (five red boxed, one loss of MV, one loss of next game, and two yellow boxed). The 'Stone' though quickly sent over plenty of whiskey for the snotlings (and beer for Mike) which caused the game to be called early. (Mike took a gentlemans knee due to 'one to many' and the fact he had to play Nate in a scheduled match and called the game a draw.)

The second match was a game of brutallity. The elder dwarves in the laegue had been waiting to show the 'young pups without beards' a thing or two about how dwarves really play the game of bloodbowl. Murderface, almost legendary in the league', had a particularly eventful night and even scored a touchdown. He did spend some time on the pitch itself, but it was due to his own choosing (pile on moves) and bit,twisted ankles, and caused general mayhem reveling in victory.

The CornerStones, against the IronClads, didn't fair well. At one point the referee's, obviously in the pockets of the Ironclads, had locked up seven of thirteen players, (five red boxed, two yellow boxed and failed to get back onto the ptich... twice each!). The charges were trumped up and the CornerStones are paying through the nose with three of the players taken to the local authorities for further questioning. Mills is on the job but the outlook is bleak for these three players getting out of jail till week five. (three players missing the next game, one player losing one point of MV)

The only bright spot of the fast, furious, brutal, punishing forty eight hours was that Morgan 'Twinkletoes" Bladnoch scored the teams first touchdown of the season. (It took eight games for me to score once.) He was beaten up a bit but still managed to gain some completions and has scheduled some training (gained 'dump off pass') this week to 'pitch a ball' while being hit.

We here at CornerStone front office would like to thank the league staff (Jerimiah) for the 'Game and Grill' weekend and will remember to get out earlier (didn't finish my match against Dave till 2:30am) when the league officials give them the look! (He was fading due to the time.)

As an aside, due to the jail time of the CornerStones, myself, and Kellen Edradour (new addition), have been recalled to active duty as blockers. The league has seen fit that it is only right that I start in the fifth week (due to being red boxed by Dave on Saturday night in his second game) and I thank them for all their support (Thanks Dave! ) Edradour will start immediately due to his prior eligibility in the draft (I bought him after the match with Dave).

Till we meet again,

John Walker Redd
Active BloodBowl Blocker
Official CornerStones Spokesman

News Bulletin #7

Ladies and Gentlemen... I'd include Mike but I think the hangover may be interfering with his hearing... Ladies and Gentlemen... Now, that's better...

This week was slow for the CornerStones as they scouted (watched Viking Mike and Mike) play a match last weekend. It was a gruelfing match between the ogres and norse with a draw resulting in the conclusion of the event. As the official CornerStone spokesman though I think the Norse team was scared for not wanting to go into overtime to settle the meeting of the two teams. Here at the CornerStone front office (my house) we have a saying... If you're scared, say you're scared! A message has been sent to the Vikings with no response as of yet! (probably hasn't read this newsletter yet - )

In the teams spare time this week between drinking, eating, drinking, practice, drinking, and sleeping it off they visted the local fish oil plant in Reedville. All I can say is the drunk team, combined with fish rendering, the rain, the smell, and a long walk resulted in the team being unable to get any games in till late in the week.

At the last moment, due to their habits, the CornerStones were unable to get in a game in week five but wil return this week in six. (John cancelled due to being ill. I officially take the 'bye' for week five to reset the team.)

The fornt office does have an official message for all the loyal fans who missed out on the free whiskey at the CornerStone events...

We call out the Chaos Claws (Dave), the Coach named Church (Church), A team that must no be named (last challenge match for the season )and Last weeks opponent (John).

Why would the fornt office do this public announcment? These teams seem to be soooo busy (real life, illness, other matches) that we need to nail down the last four games of the season prior to the 2nd of November. We are also doing this to say... If you're scared of thorwing, running, blocking dwarf Tinkletoes Baldnoch and the CornerStones... then say you're scared. We are also doing it becasue it's great publicity for the ConerStone! (True dat!)

Until we meet again in the corner... turn off the bubble machine...

John Walker Redd, BB Blocker, Active Roster
Official CornerStone Spokesman

News Bulletin #8 - What a Party!

Ladies and Gentlemen... and to those that are still sober in the stands, streets, and pitch...

It was 'Fan Night' for the CornerStones and the fans got all that they wished for and more!

First off after the CornerStone 'Bye' week filled with fish oil plant tours and much drinking in a concession by another team the CornerStones were able to get more time in to prepare for there last three matches of the season. (Church and his team were ruled a 'concede' in accordance with the league rules.) The CornerStones front office was gratefull for the the gifts sent over by Coach Church and hope everything works out differently in the future. ( Please do not be offended Church this is only for fun.)

During there extra time of practice (5 or 10 minutes while I updated my roster) Twinkletoes Bladnoch worked on his moves (gained another MVP but no skills) and The Blitzing Brothers Cragganmores were taught some finer points on 'guarding' opponents from Vag Talisker and Tallarn Glenlivet. (The Cragganmores gained the second MVP from the concession getting the skill 'guard').

Now, due to the extra practice, the concessions sent over by coach Church and the endless supply of whiskey from the CornerStone private stock, 'Touch Down There' noticed the frolicing of the dwarves and were irritated by all the levety. Seems Ogres don't have an ear for music nor like the thought of being called scared by people with beards. Go figure!(Mike and I scheduled a challenge match)

T.D.T. was down an Ogre from another 'engagement' but were determined to 'dirty the beards'!

So, on a beautiful afternoon without a cloud in the sky the fans adored the Ogres at the begining of the match (won the cheering fan roll on the kickoff table) but soon the pitch was a slick mess due to all the barrels of whiskey the CornerStones used as some sort of distraction for the Ogres. (Mike rolled some 'ones' for bonehead and we used my barrels to mark them)

Bladnoch was able to get into the endzone for the second time this season while his team mates The Cragganmores fouled an Ogre but got caught by the referees. (rolled doubles and failed to do diddly)

On the second drive of the game the dwarves kicked off to the Ogres and the ball went off the pitch and a snotling with a very forgettable name promtply tucked the ball away but the CornerStones perfect defense blitzed the Ogres and in the next couple of plays the Lochnars (dwarf blitzer) was able to score. The crowd went wild and more barrels were thrown onto the field for celebration.

Late in the game the whiskey was flowing and suddenly the match turned into one big party on the pitch for both teams and the fans. (It was getting late,Mike needed to run and conceded... and I didn't beat up any more of his Ogres who were not responding (rolling ones left and right, burning rerolls)

Here in the CornerStone front office we are still recovering from the liquid libations but will never forget the snotlings hoisting John Walker Black on there shoulders and traipsing him around the field for a Polish Victory Lap (please do not be offended it only meant to be funny) (MVP for BOTH rolls of concession went to Black) 

Next week the CornerStones face another corner of claw infested Chaos whose name we cannot remember due to a hangover...

John Walker Redd, BB Blocker, Active Roster
Official CornerStone Spokesman

News Bulletin #9 - Dwarf on Dwarf

Ladies and Gentlemen... and all the bearded folk on the forum... this includes the women too!... 

Friday night was a 'closed pitch' night game versus Coach John and his Dwarves for the CornerStones. For those of you who don't know what 'closed pitch' means it is a term among dwarven bloodbowl teams where the contest is an event only attended by the races involved in the game thus all corners of the stadium were filled with bearded folk, beer, and of course the CornerStone single 'X' Whiskey brewed in a secret location... last week.

It was thought early in the game that the weather might change after clouds began to roll in and block the half-moon in the night sky but (the changing weather roll) a gentle wind only caused the ball to drift a bit further than normal and cooled the watching bearded fans while they chugged down enough brew to flood a mega-city or small country.

Mister pig was in fine form as he bounced around the field but early on he looked for TwinkleToes Bladnoch to pick him up. Squealing, because that's what pigs do, at the top of his lungs, Mister Pig jumped right into the arms of Bladnoch as he tried to find a hole in the line to attempt a second touchdown for the season.

Folks, it took some time while the dwarves on both sides of the line knocked each other over but couldn't stun each other enough to keep someone down. It's true that those thick skulls of dwarves, in dwarf on dwarf action, are good for something other than a hat rack!... Thick skulls are also good for testing clubs... or squashing snotlings in the wrong place at the right time... or for ogres...

Finally Bladnoch made a run for it down field when he saw daylight through the line of scrimmage. Let's say that there was a hole but it was mighty thin for a dwarf to run through even with the agility of TwinkleToes. With daylight fading in the line Baldnoch turned on the speed and ran like the local Sherrif was chasing him after a night with his daughter. (True story)

The middle portion of the game was filled with the CornerStones and Coach Johns Dwarves standing toe to toe and beating each other up (blocking dwarves and rolling lots of block results) with some occasions being nothing more than slap fights.

At one point Coach John's slayer was tripped up by the pitch, since the CornerStones weren't doing it, and had to be carried off the field. Initially it was thought that the slayer had a broken back (-1 AG) but the Team Apothecary cracked the slayers back in the opposite direction, gave him a shot of 'Bugmanns XXX', and placed him in reserves till needed next (only badly hurt on the re-roll).

While Coach John jumped up and down to get his slayer back onto the field (had to sit in the reserve box) to no avail since 'Bugmanns XXX' is also used as a sedative in certain clans, TwinkleToes was busy on the field.

John had managed to mentor his team to within inches of the goal line but TwinkleToes Bladnoch took matters into his own hands by blitzing the opposing dwarven runner. To the suprise of the fans (since my runner has block and John's doesn't), TwinkleToes slammed the runner to the turf before he could score. Mister Pig jumped from one runner to the next (the bounce landed him directly in TwinkleToes lap) and bladnoch ran down to the opposite end of the field and scored since the local Sheriff appeared on the sideline to arrest him for 'public indecency'. (Included in the 'Non-Bearded Daughter Story' best left for another corner!)

Our team lawyer Mills B. Lane smoothed things over with the Sherrif (Hid the dwarf in an empty corner) as it seemed Bladnoch had run out of the end-zone, through the fans, and out the stadium until his scheduled interview. The authorities have decided to summarily put Bladnoch on probation for any violations as long as he stays away from the Sheriffs daughter. (Not a chance!)

Twinkletoes would like to thank all the fans, Coach John and his team, and the local Sheriff's daughter for such a memorable night and hopes they can do it again soon. Rumors have it that there was a smirk on his face and a twinkle in his eye when he dictated the last part. He would also apologize to the fans who thought the 'CornerStones' might be playing in the local 'Bacon Bowl'. The Irish Princess Rule came into effect (my wife's birthday) and the team was not eligible this year for the event.

We here at the CornerStone front office woujld like to thank coach John for the match and his Mighty (Blow) Troll Slayer for teaching the Blitzing Brothers Lochnar's the finer points of 'hit'n bigger git's' that also works on 'littler gits'. (The Lochnars (blitzer) gained the MVP and the skill 'Mighty Blow')

Till the CornerStones last match this week...

John Walker Redd, BB Blocker, Active Roster
Official CornerStone Spokesman

If you have read this far I would like to thank you and hope you enjoyed the laundry list of the corner!


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