Saturday, June 25, 2011

Captain's Log... Barter Bucket...

Look what I got for a paperclip!

The bloggers over at Santa Cruz Warhammer have a project going to 'trade' bits called 'Barter Bucket.

My introduction to 'trading' bits started several years ago on a forum and was really a 'pay it forward' type thing where people would request something and the members would see what they could do if so inclined. My friend Pat was invovled and I have not forgotten his idea nor how he handles himself in the big pond of the internet and blogging.

I am very supportive of 'trading' bits to help each of us out and that's why I'm posting about them.

Here are the links to their site and their article.

Santa Cruz Warhammer

Barter Bucket Article

I'll be in a corner looking through my bitz!


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Captain's Log... Death Hammer Random thoughts...

Something seems to be missing in the deplyment zone? (LOS blocking 'stuff')

Using only thirty-two terminators and two dreds is a bit unnerving. The low model count can be very intimidating and figuring out how to use them correctly is going to take some work.

Captain's Log... A Father's Day gift...

The FAA needs some new regulations  on pilot training I think!

My wife is my best friend and every six months or so, no it's not what you are 'inuendo-ing', takes a trip two hours north to her family with our son. I on the the other hand stay at home and get forty-eight hours of 'Rumbling' in! My friends form out of state and furhter North help me turn my house into "Summer Rumble"!

Captain's Log... Death Hammer in Action...

Yah they're unpainted... for now they're in-progress... still... :P

This weekend four 40K players arrived at my house to game and hang-out. Two are out of state and the other two are a father and son from two hours north of Richmond. This is the second time we have gotten together and will be the last since Trin and his sone are moving to Washington state.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Captain's Log... Chapter Tactics... June 12th...

Completed picture to follow...

Hello to all!

Another week of work and lots of driving each day for me, which gives me ample time on the road to think about 'stuff'. Sometimes it's custard, corners, dinner, or the blogs.

In another site I have the username which includes 'chaplain'. Chaplains are the guys who keep the faith, inspire their battle brothers, and show their battle brothers the errors of their ways. Chaplains are a brooding lot and might be described as 'cranky' in less endangered times. Chaplains are without fear and utterly destructive in battle. Every been hit by crozius? I don't want to find out.

This week I submit this for 'changing' just one thing to the Dark Angels codex to try out in your games. Chaplains fill  a specific role within the Dark Angels chapter so if you see them on the battlefield it's for a reason, a specific reason. Have you been faithful today? Say your prayers for they might be your last!

Allow each Interrogator Chaplain taken in a Dark Angels force to further allow one 'chaplain' to be taken in your army. This chaplain does not take up a force organization slot and does not count against your alloted headquarter choices. In effect you could have four 'chaplains' in your force.

Interesting corner isn't it?


Friday, June 10, 2011

Captain's Log... What do you fear?...

After playing in four games last weekend the game that stuck in my mind was the last where a nice young woman, new to Tyranids, got completely stomped by those in 'The Grider' event for FTW's birthday weekend.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Captain's Log... The Grinder...

Goatboy's bag of Death and Tenticles!

It's birthday time in Richmond for the local game store called 'FTW' run by Rob Baer of 'Spikey Bits' and internet notorious-ness! It has been a weekend filled with door prizes, tournements, and for adults... adult beverages!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Captain's Log... Chapter Tactics...

A couple of years ago I wrote and published online, a 'bridge' between the old Dark Angels codex and then the 'new' Space Marine codex. It was 'ok' but could have been better. That was in the past and I have moved on just as the FAQ for the Dark Angel codex has been updated. I've been hiding in certain corners...