Saturday, June 25, 2011

Captain's Log... Barter Bucket...

Look what I got for a paperclip!

The bloggers over at Santa Cruz Warhammer have a project going to 'trade' bits called 'Barter Bucket.

My introduction to 'trading' bits started several years ago on a forum and was really a 'pay it forward' type thing where people would request something and the members would see what they could do if so inclined. My friend Pat was invovled and I have not forgotten his idea nor how he handles himself in the big pond of the internet and blogging.

I am very supportive of 'trading' bits to help each of us out and that's why I'm posting about them.

Here are the links to their site and their article.

Santa Cruz Warhammer

Barter Bucket Article

I'll be in a corner looking through my bitz!


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  1. That was a long time ago and started with an Eldar Wave Serpent if I remember correctly.

    I have made my reservations for Chicago, you will need gas monies!