Monday, April 29, 2013

Captain's Log... Bluebeard Oban...

I've painted up another troll slayer for Blood Bowl. I found the Impact 'Scotling' Caber Teams great visually but were difficult to work with on the board. I have since painted two new models, the 'rage' Scotling', and painted one with a read beard and the other pictured after the break with a blue beard.

If you happen to read this a comment about the beard would be helpful. I'm not sure it came out 'ok'. I'm willing to try again.

I'll be in the some corner...


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Captain's Log... Free Stuff...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Who doesn't like free stuff? Ok, free tentacles, slime, Phillis Diller pin-ups, and prunes... not so much! What I am talking about here is 'cool' free stuff. All you have to do is hit the link, follow the directions, and see if you win.

Nuff said!

House of PainCakes

I'll be in other corners with the smell of new carpet,


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Captain's Log... Sites vs Communities...

There is always two sides to the coin.

Hello and welcome to the corner...

I'm Captain Kellen and will be your host, tour guide, and jailer on this opinion piece that just popped into my head inspired by fellow commentators from the...

House of PainCakes.

Loquacious made a comment that sparked an idea and an exchange of idea's is really what our hobby is about. Wouldn't you agree?