Monday, April 29, 2013

Captain's Log... Bluebeard Oban...

I've painted up another troll slayer for Blood Bowl. I found the Impact 'Scotling' Caber Teams great visually but were difficult to work with on the board. I have since painted two new models, the 'rage' Scotling', and painted one with a read beard and the other pictured after the break with a blue beard.

If you happen to read this a comment about the beard would be helpful. I'm not sure it came out 'ok'. I'm willing to try again.

I'll be in the some corner...


I should also mention that I am 'raging against a theme' in a fun competition on a forum that I have been a long time contributor. The theme was suppose to be for a Inqusitor/Necromunda crossover 'thing' the community moderators are running for modeling, fun competition, and fiction.

Thanks again for looking in the corner!



  1. The beard is good...maybe a lil' highlighting with a lighter version of the same color to help it stand out more?
    Amusing model, fer sure.

  2. First off... Thank you for commenting and being the #25 follower! I've been trying to get one more for awhile now.. without selling my soul!

    Second... I tried the highlighting but it didn't look good. I was too blue for a beard if that makes sense. I might try something else though with an insane detail brush and then a wash... cross your fingers.