Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Captain's Log... Easy...

Even Beaker can do it!

After the break is just a short explanation of what I've been 'puttering' with...

I needed a 30mm celtic style base but it seems that most companies don't make them in 30mm that I have discovered. I'm sure they're out there in some corner but there are a lot of corners I haven't been able to get to yet!

Anyway, I bought some big 60mm celtic bases for a scoreboard that is in the works for my blood bowl team and some 'Big Bad Wolves' from Titan forge. Why? I want to play a 'goblin' team at some point for blood bowl and needed  cool 'trolls' for use with my scotlings that I have been converting to the special goblin players.

As a side note, I want to say that the resin 'wolves' from Titan Forge were great in quality. I had almost no clean-up of mold lines and only one spot where a wrist didn't fit just right on the arm to the werewolf. I was genuinely impressed.

Cheap 30mm blank base with a rounded edge and 'Instant Mold' that was pliable after letting it sit in boiling water for a couple of minutes. I pushed the 'stuff' into a shape on the 30mm base to get it close to the correct size and then...

... heated the 'stuff' a second time and pushed it gently onto the the part of the 60mm base to get an 'opposite' of the design I wanted. In effect I'm making a press for putty.

... I took a ball of green stuff and placed it on the blank bas and then pressed the 'stamper' I made onto it and squashed the ball of putty. I then left it like a sandwich and worked the edges to blend in a bit with edge of the base itself. When I was done fiddling with the edge I let it dry for about and hour and then peeled the 'stamper' off the putty using all the care in the world. The Instant mold won't stick to other stuff but it will stick to itself when heated up. Read the directions and look for the Youtube video on how to use the stuff and you can't go wrong. If I can do it you can do it!

I let the base dry overnight (actually two days because 'work' interfered with my hobby time) before I tried to glue anything on the finished product.

My idea is that "Humperdink 'Blue Beard' Oban" of the scotlings will have drank an experimental batch of whiskey and turn into the 'troll'. The rest of the team drank the same batch and turned looney or act like 'goblins'! It will make the fiction writing easy!

Thanks for looking, I'll be in some corner till later,


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