Friday, May 10, 2013

Captain's Log... Chaos on the Field...

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Why? Read the report from the CornerStones very own John Walker Redd after the break and you will know why.


Ladies and Gentlemen... and the daemons hiding in the shadows...

The preseason for the SPR (Stony Point Refugees) BB League has begun... with blood on the pitch and a scream of those maimed, killed, or had their skulls taken! Fans watch at their own risk!

Dramatic isn't it? It wasn't that bad but it was enough to rack my nerves.

The preseason is suppose to be this time to feel out your rosters and get ready for the regular season where things will be really dicey. In our league it's a chance to gain extra skills for doing certain 'Commissioner Challenges' and get an extra two games in before the regular season begins. This season we also get the added bonus of gaining an extra 10,000 gp for the team by playing on BB League night which are Thursdays.

The CornerStones have played on opening day of the preseason for the last two seasons since we were drinking the town dry and the hops and barley production wasn't keeping up well in the local area. With luck, some might call it unfortunate luck, we received a daemonic message informing us that our skulls were ripe for the taking and the chaos team know as the Skulltakers were coming.

Is a chaos team to be feared this much? Why yes, they are.

Chaos does what the dwarves to by beating down their opponents and do it better and faster with thier claws, horns, and uncanny agility to 'jump-up' and pile on. Daemon Dave is very proud of his team that bashes their way to the playoffs and deems that 'this season is mine!'

Lets get a little administrative facts out of the way so you, the blood bowl fan, will understand what the CornerStones were up against.

The Skulltakers are valued just shy (18,000 gp) of being double the value of that of the CornerStones. What this means is simply that we received 710,000 gp in inducements to play the game against them... just to make it fair.  We took three mercenaries  hired a wizard and two wandering apothecaries, and a Bloodweiser Babe to tend the team. They would all be needed before the night game was over.

There were more fans in the stadium than the Skulltakers due to interference from outside sources (bad roll of the dice for Dave!) and the dwarves managed to win the coin toss. The CornerStones chose to receive the ball first and try and get first 'bashings' in before the Skulltakers churned up any fire and brimstone.

Early on the mercanaries did their job of taking the brunt of the Skulltakers claws and horns but the wizard was needed to give a chance to really hurt the daemonic team. A fireball came down and did little but knock down on beastman and one dwarf leaving the 'Minotaur' unscathed. The wizard promptly left after Captain 'Black Kilt' Kellen and his assistant Marticus Edradour went looking for him in the stands concerning the poor performance.

By turn five of the first half the CornerStones were down four players but scored and were in the lead. In part ot the early lead was the fact that the Dwarves had knocked out a chaos warrior and beastman who couldn't get back in the game but that would be short lived.

Recieving the ball the Skulltakers began their bashing while the CornerStones... stalled. It becomes very apparent, with over twenty games being played, that you are outclassed and have little chance of winning the game. When you play a game versus Daemon Dave you have to use extreme care because the joy of Blood bowl for him and his team is the kill. The longer the game the more skulls he has the potential to take. Fending them off helps but it's really only a matter of attrition when you play Dave.

Scoring early in the second half and bringing the game to a tie, the Skulltakers did pick up momentum and systematically started to cause casualties to the CornerStones causing all the medical staff of the team to be used up. Even with 'Grade X' whiskey in their stomachs, the best lawyers in the league, and a wait staff that turns heads the Skulltakers were maiming the dwarves.

Well, it was time to play a bit dirty. Down nine dwarves of a fourteen player roster 'a dwarf's gotta do what a dwarf's gotta do.'

Late in the game after some kickoff shenanigans the board was reset and their was an extra play for the half by both teams. Much daemonic joy was heard from the black cloud coming from the Skulltakers dugout and the howls of the Minotaur still rang after several minutes.

With time ticking down, in a late attempt to exact some revenge, pure, unadulterated, dwarven revenge and perhaps help the rest of the team. The Skulltakers Minotaur was knocked down and Skrall Garioch managed to foul him without the referees catching him like The Lochnars or Vag Talisker.

With great joy the Minotaur was toted off the pitch but was blessed with healing from the bloody handed god and coach Daemon Dave instead of being hamstrung and slower than when he was summoned for the game.

A loss!... of sorts.

Ossai Jura the back-up runner, the Blitzers Lochnar, Tallarn 'Ole One Eye' Glenlivet, and myself (John Walker Redd) will be missing the next game for the injuries sustained in this incursion by the Skulltakers. The Skulltakers took no skulls home with them this match from the dwarves which is a blessing that we thank our lord and savior, Nuffles, to repete in our regular season match against the Skulltakers.

With our funds depleted the 70,000 gp recieved for the match is already ear marked for some 'replacements' after our next game versus the English Knights who by reports were doing well during the off season!

Daemon Dave on the other hand won the match and had several players gain some skill through daemonic gifts. However, chaos is fickle and taking only 40,000 gp home as winnings for the match and having to pay tribute to the bloody handed god for not taking any skulls and (more importantly) spiraling expenses to the league to 'take said skulls' caused them to take home... nothing.

Till the corner stops spinning...

John Walker Redd, 'The Hitman', Active Roster
Official CornerStone Spokesman

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