Friday, September 14, 2012

Captain's Log... Team Expansion...

I have been busy with my league match (a loss) and painting. The pitch from last post earned me extra gold for upgrades and such.

I have this theme going on with the league that instead of my 'fictitious' team being injured it is their off-pitch activities that cause them to miss games. I was a man down last game, used the rules for a substitute, and then promptly bought him so I have an extra guy on the team. So when I write that I am going for a layer I really mean an apothecary.

Instead of explaining a lot of 'stuff' I just post some pictures...

My dwarf runner is named Morgan Bladnoch and earned the 'block' skill in the game. I forgot I wanted to get the 'hail mary pass' skill allowing me to throw anywhere on the pitch but I will try again later.

The next scotling pictured is one of my linemen (blocker) named Mitchie Glenfiddich. It is a dynamic pose and on the second one of the same pose he is on a two level base flying through the air.

I use the caber teams as 'dwarf slayers'. On top of the caber is Beef. A fellow who uses the name as his handle on a local forum loves dwarves and collects them. In his honor I named the top of the caber team after him.

The bottom two fellows are Jake and Rob. I suspect that they drew the short straw to see who carries who around and gets to 'whack' the other players on the Pitch. Of course they do have a last name, like all my team members, which is Oban. Once again Scottish whiskey plays an important role in naming my team!

I will be in some corner... painting another set of guys I use as blitzers!


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