Monday, September 3, 2012

Captain's Log... Stuffity Stuff...

The CornerStones are in-progress and as you can see... ready to throw the ole pigskin around the pitch. The red square is to place under the player with the 'pig' and of course 'Mr. Pig' will be watching the action first hand during play!

In our league, to promote the game and have some fun, you can get sponsorship 'dollars' for having basic stuff and 'customizing' things. Pictured above is a custom green - blue (fouled out) - yellow - red dugout, the pitch, my pass chart, a custom scatter chart (notice the pig in the middle of it), and the custom tracker chart. My wife assures me that she can get the tracker charts laminated so I can 'magnetize' it with 'magnatized markers'.

I'm busy painting and have a game on Thursday for our leagues preseason, so stay tuned to the corner for updates...

thank you for looking,


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