Saturday, May 21, 2011

Captain's Log... Status Report...

Lady and Gentlemen following the blog...

I have returned from two weeks of work out of state and will report something when there is something to reoprt.

I have another piece of fiction I'm working on but it ain't right... so it is slwo going. Death Hammer is coming along slow and not much appearence has changed.

Ahhh... and I'm distracted by a toy helicopter (Air Hog with camera) I recieved for my birthday on the 15th. I can get it to fly around but am still trying to get it to do 'what I want it to do' when I want it to. The idea is that in June I am going to take some footage of a 40K game and combine it with some music for fun. In the military we call it gun footage... in certain circles they call it 'nerding out'!

I'll be back shortly from the my personal corner...


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  1. Video of the chopper during a game? May I suggest playing Consadine when you try so if any mini's get skewered by rotors its his lol!