Friday, May 13, 2011

Captain's Log... Archives... The First Winter

It wasn’t easy being alone after Chaplain Azariah died. I needed someone to share my thoughts and experiences of what I was going through. Every day I found myself going out to my parent’s grave and back to the mausoleum of the “Deliverance” where Chaplain Azariah and the others rested. They were my family and I needed their counsel even if it was silent. Their mere presence made me feel better and gave me a purpose.

Part of my trips was to defy the beasts that had brought this all to pass. Even they left me during the cold months and short days of sunlight. I was left by humanity, its protectors, and its enemies; all I had was the Emperors light to guide me.

I would look out through the caves leading to the “Deliverance” from the grave site, the snow falling, and know I was close to home. I had lived in that crashed ship longer than any other place I remember. Then I realized I would be able to weather the winter and anything that was set before me. My mother and father had given me a foundation and Chaplain Azariah and the other Dark Angels built upon that strong foundation rooted in faith. The Emperor does not allow things to happen to us that we cannot handle and carries us even if we don’t realize it.

From Captain Kellen’s personal journal

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