Sunday, May 15, 2011

Captain's Log... The First Legion...

I like calling my marines The First Legion better then any other name I have come up with and in no small part due to the fact that I don't paint them like typical Dark Angels. In fact the only green on them is an emerald green (emerald ilse) from a craft paint line. In the Hours Heresy novels the Lion is described as having an emerld green cloak... so I'm good!

For years I have used the Dark Angel codex with much success and loss. It's all part and parcle to the game when you are rolling dice for a random result. In 5th edtion though I stayed with the DA codex even when the Space Marine codex was released. It was a real 'downer' gaming next to other 'marine' players or opponents that new the DA codex was left in the dust. It's business. I get it and that's the extent of my rant on that subject.

On of the the things I have been pondering while I drive four or five hours in the work truck this last weekend was the use of 'marine' codices. Specifically I don't get why many, in my local area at least, don't use all the marine codices available to them regardless of 'how' their models are painted? In my mind as long as WYSIWYG is modeled  then it shouldn't be a problem.  Differing chapters of wolves are painted differently, like differing chapters of Ultramarines,  or Blood Angels.

The net has had many 'conversations' about count-as, converted, and all other manners of non-standard painting/modeling and what should be allowed.

I just can't wrap my brain around the 'intollerant' atmosphere of 'purists' who insist that if you are using the Space Wolf codex then they have to be painted like Space Wolves.

Please explain...

I'll be in some corner of Nashville having an 'adult beverage'.



  1. im specfically using a darker '13th company' grey for my wolves than the standard blue grey. So long as the army fits together paint wise I could care less about what codex gets used, but thats just me!

  2. I'd respond in some form using some words, but the beverages went down a tad bit too easy... :P

    I'll be in the corner lamenting the fact that my corner in Virginia doesn't have a bar accross the parking lot...