Saturday, September 3, 2011

Captain's Log... Flash 40K...

Shazam!!!... and we're done!

Today was a "40K Flash Tournament" at the local store. The complete rules for this event can be found here (For The Win Games) instead of shamelessly stealing the text to create a longer post.

When you start 'modifying' 40K to play at certain point levels the unintended consequences is that certain 'builds' (lists) can become more effective on the table regardless of the situation on the table when it comes to deployment, missions, and opponents.

I took this as my 'build' because calling this an army or a 'list' is almost silly. I also used the Space Wolves Codex. Why? I like grey hunters and the simple fact that they come with a bolter, bolt pistol and close combat weapon. The Hunters play like I envision typical tactical marines should play.

x3 - Grey Hunters (x6), meltagun, Mark of the Wolfen, power weapon, rhino
x3 - Wolf Guard, storm bolter

All my stuff was painted and tabletop ready including my 'destroyed markers' the shape of my rhino's.

My first opponent was against a young man who played tau in a pitched battle/capture and control mission. I tabled him on turn six but only claimed on objective (my own). He just through on suit w/drones together as a headquarter unit (very expensive) and fire warriors without any transport as his build then hid in cover the entire game.

My second game was versus the local 'this is the guy to beat'. He took two units of ten assault marines w/two melta guns and one priest to give one unit 'feel no pain'. The mission was spearhead/annihilation. A minor loss to me.

'That guy to beat' ran up to me and shot up two rhino's to claim a quick two kill points and then ran away before that unit could be reduced below 50% for victory points. He  did gamble (which worked) and charged a group of my hunters but the game ended after turn five so we will never know if my two other units could win out over FNP.

In my third mission I played a great guy named Chris. He was using Bloodletters (two units of six), some pink horrors, steeds/fliers of some sort, and a Blood Crusher. The game was dawn of war/annihilation. I massacred him for the win.

Daemons come in by deep strike and half only lands in the first turn and then the rest come on piece meal. After the game he thought I was going to ride out and meet him in close combat but I just shot the crap out of him till the end of the game.

In my fourth game I played a fellow named Kender. He played a sorcerer and two squads of typical 'children' for the AP-3 bolters and a unit of Havocs with three missile launchers. One unit of Kender's had the sorcerer upgrade.

The game was dawn of war/annihilation and he decided to walk on the board from reserve. I played the reserve game so started out very funny but gimpy rolled into one. I could have kept out of site and not gotten out of my transports but I played to win and actually hid behind a building in the center of the table. I didn't have enough shooting at range and never got any points of of Kender. He shot two transports to win the game on kill points and victory points. It was another minor loss to me.

My last game was against a man named Eric who ran Necrons. Two units of Warriors, a unit of three Immortals, and a unit of  four Destroyers. The mission was pitched battle/capture and control.

I couldn't shoot enough with his toughness of 5 or actually kill enough with 'we'll be back'. I stayed in my transports and he knocked a couple of units below 50% when they had to get out of their rides to win with victory points. We were a draw and the objectives.

All my opponents were great. "The guy to beat' is really a nice guy but he is leaps and bounds ahead of most people that game in the area that some people after event were grumbling. I don't mind him winning because it just makes me try harder. What I don't like about this particular man is that you can win but don't get drunk by drinking next door between rounds and then come back and brag about winning while getting 'sloppy'.

I played poorly. I keep forgetting that 'guys' inside vehicles can measure from the hull of the transport they are in and not the 'hatch' or 'hatches'. I also played 'nicely' against my fourth opponent when I should have played like I was in a tournament and played to win a bit more. Such is life though and I get a do over when I play again.

It was nice to get out of the house and actually use my guys. I also liked the fact that myself, Kender and the Necron player  Eric, were the only ones with fully painted 'builds'. Most of the armies were the typical grey plastic or primer black/red.

It was a good day to throw my passion into the game and not have to worry about the outcome!

I'll be in the corner...


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  1. Shazam is the saying of Captain Marvel, the big red cheese, not the Flash. The closest thing that the Flash has to a catch phrase is 'I'm Wally West, the fastest man alive...THE FLASH', but that's how his comics started. And he's not the Flash anymore. Not that any of it really matters. Just nerdatory.

    However, it sounds like you had a decent time at the tourny. I think I would be rather appalled by someone getting drunk at my tourny. I probably would ban him in the future. At the very least, it was unsportsmanlike.