Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Captain's Log... A Question...


I've been trying to build a count-as 'Rune Priest' for the First Legion and it has been going... not so good.

After the break are two different models that I have put together in no particular order to represent the 'Rune Priest'. I'd appreciate any comments.

Here is the first model I did up last weekend that can also be found in my 'Relaxing Weekend' post.

Here is my second version. I'm still not sold on either one...

Thank you for looking and in advance for any comments.

I'll be in some corner... still kit-bashing...



  1. I like the second one better. The lack of distinctive classic-GK shapes/armor (the helmet, most notably) is what puts me off the first one; the second does not have this. Looks like he's about to just drop a load of hurt on the enemy with casual effort.

    Are you going to paint him all blue like a proper psyker?

  2. Blue?! Like a proper psyker... Nope... light grey, black tabbard between his legs... Maybe I'll do the words on his legs blue and white... maybe...