Saturday, September 17, 2011

Captains Log... Relaxing Saturday...

Run, run, run!

I enjoyed a day down at the local FLGS doing a 1000 point RTT Tournament run by Rob Baer and his staff. The truth be told it was most of the players who didn't make the second round of 'Ard Boyz and younger players in the area. It is what it is and I wanted to play. What am I doing building and plotting if I don't get out to see how my well laid plans are utterly dashed the moment the first dice rolls!

Rob Baer's DreadKnight from Spikeybits.
Before we got started I was snapping a few pictures which didn't turn out. This particular one did turn out well. I like the idea of not putting a 'pilot' in this thing and think that the model is cool. I'm not so sure about it taking a 'personal teleport homer' but that is up to each of us to decide for ourselves.

Rob Baer's Oblits borrrowed by our own Kender to use.

I had to snap a shot of these guys trying to get one where you could see the 'havoc launchers' mounted on terminator bodies with a little green stuff to 'count-as' obliterators. Rob really has an eye for quick, easy, and effective representations especially when it comes to Orks or Chaos Space Marines.

Rob and his staff ran a good tournament but 1000 points is a bit limited and favors lists like mechanised guard with three Leman Russ Battle Tanks (2nd place). It was a simple list and easy to run. Three tanks, two chimera's and some troopers. 

Another list it favored butr ran poorly was five nurgle marines in a rhino, Kharn the Betrayer attached to 20 Khorne Berserkers, and a flying Daemon Prince with Lash. The boy who ran this list is very inexpirienced with playing the game and I thought a veteran player would have had a field day with this army seeing who was at the tourney.

I played my First Legion list (counts-as Space Wolves) that included a Rune Priest, one unit of socuts with a meltagun three Grey Hunter Squads with Marked marines, two rhino's, one razoback with twin-lascannons, and a long fang unit with two missile launchers and two lascannons.

The Wolf Guard consisted of two thunder hammer/Storm Shields and two combi-melta marines. I used them all over the place to bolster the fangs, scouts, and grey hunters depending on who I faced. I really like their versatility.

I had a draw, a minor loss, and then got the 'bye' in the last round. No one tabled me but I surely need more practice.

Here are some pictures of my count-as Rune Priest. He's unpainted and was built just last night while I watched some television. Nothing fancy about a combination of Grey Knight Parts combined with a Dark Angel pack and Shoulder pad.

I hope your weekend is going as well as mine...

I'll be in some corner licking my wounds and crying like a little school girl!


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