Sunday, July 3, 2011

Captain's Log... Chapter Tactics... Explain the Chaplain thing...

The idea is to change just one thing in the Dark Angels codex and not combine or stack the idea's. Two weeks ago I wrote that if you took an Interrogator Chaplain that you could further take a regular chaplain that did not count towards your force organization chart.

 My dear friend Tallarn commented about 'points' in regards to allowing further chaplains to be taken in a Dark Angels list. So I'll dive further into the idea to explain what is going on in my 'noggin.

For 120 points you get the Interrogator and have the option to upgrade him with various equipment. Really the only difference between the Interrogator and a typical chaplain is 20 pts, the ability to take terminator armour, one pip of Leadership and one wound. Most Dark Angel players are not going to take either unless they are building specific and/or themed lists.

To explain my idea I'm going to write about the most abusing thing that I can think of  if you were to use my idea.

Let's take two Interrogators and two typical chaplains. That is 440 points right out of the gate. In 1500 point games it's nearly a third of your points without any upgrades. So for the sake of discussion we'll assume the game is 2000 points.

Someone is going to point out that I don't have to take all 'four' to be abusive and could take three or a combination of just one and the extra chaplain to gain three characters and they would be correct. However, if you only take the Interrogator and the further chaplain an no other HQ choice it's no different then the book allows now. You would have to combine another 'character' like Sammael to gain any bonus and then all you are talking about is a third character in the force which, like other books, can be done typically. (Space Wolves, DA Techmarines, Chronus, Telion)

It might be tempting to take a command squad for each of the 'characters' but your not going to get the 'options' you would get if you use the Space Marine codex and without some 'delivery method' the command squads are nothing more then 'fearless' five marine veteran squads. So this is a 'weak' option to try to use if you want to take advantage of the field of four chaplains. (Tallarn... look that up and you will get where the idea came from! The picture is also a clue.)

In fifth edition vehicles are king not only because of their resilience to damaging weapons but being able to 'deliver' and protect their cargo. Landraiders are great but just one in our little discussion shoots the army total to 690 points and we haven't even gotten our compulsory choices out yet. So if you are thinking a double raider list there are better routes and books to use.

So I really want to abuse this idea. I really want to shove four chaplains down someones throat and see how it works. My only real choice is... bikes.

For a moment I have to concede a point... Ravenwing are not weak if you use them in great numbers. Stelek at 'Yes the Truth Hurts' has an all Ravenwing 'Ard Boyz' list with nothing but Dark Angel bikes.

Ravenwing bikers are weak. Typically they are only a deliver method for telleporting terminators, limited to six bikes and only the sergeant gets any close combat options. They are no where near Space Marine bike squads nor are the chaplains comparable to a SM biker captain or Khan.

So my idea builds two units of Ravenwing with six bikes, the sergeant has a powerfist, and two bikers have meltaguns. Take the unit's attack bikes with melta guns.

As for the chaplains you take them all on bikes. One Interrogator and one chaplain go in each of the mentioned units. I'd take each with a combi-melta or one just a combi-flamer and the other a combi-melta.

Now combine the two idea's and you get two eight bike strong Ravenwing units. The point total ends up being 1020 points. Leaving 880 points for troop selections and support.

Not very abusive is it? In fact it's pricey to say the least. For the low cost of 465 points you can get one unit of close combat terminators and a land raider. You might even try and put the four chaplains with termies shooting your points cost well over 1020 points in the attempt to do a 'raider' list.

The point I'm trying to get across is that idea I came up with is 'cute' but with the current codex are not nearly abusive as some 'other' book combinations and really end up being a points sink.  My idea's aren't going to save the codex and create a 'halleluah' moment!

'Chapter Tactics' is here keep my head in the game and spark some imagination in you of possibilities. ... and maybe a little hope... just a little.

I'll be in the corner licking my wounds... I lost to forty khorne berserkers with my 'Hammer' list. I killed Kharn and a Demon so that was a bonus!


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