Sunday, July 31, 2011

Myth-marked Merchandising: 'Ard Boyz (- The Shoplifted Edtion)

No challenge inteneded.

Jennie over at 'Nine Worlds, Ten Thousand Things' has a little fiction project going on and I thought it would be fun while I am on vacation to join her in her project. I'm really shamelessly stealing it for the week thus the 'Shoplifting Edition' in the title.

'Ard Boyz is the annual event where Games-workshop players get to use 2500 points, don't worry about painting, cheesy-ness, beardy-ness, scoring or any of those criteria and build armies to fight it out till one emerges as the top bannana! This year the first preliminary event all over the United States is being held on the 13th of August.

Some people enjoy the event and others loath the event and avoid it like the black plague traveling on the backs of rats! Here are Jennnies words with my editing for this edition.

This is a new series of writing prompts, inspired by some comments over at Porky's Expanse. The idea is to confound expectations and transcend genre, giving people who are looking for something else entirely a (hopefully pleasant) surprise.

Or it might just be a shameless experiment at driving traffic. Let me know how it works out. 
Post your response in the comments or post a link in the comments here directly to your response on your blog.
On to this week's prompt... challenge... fiasco...
Myth-marked Merchandising - 'Ard Boyz - The shoplifting Edition        
Write a poem or piece of very short fiction (500 words or less) that  'IS' associated with the event or 40K themed pice that uses at least seven of the following words or phrases (bonus points for using all of them). But, but...
I suggest that you use each word or phrase in a 15 word piece of micro-fiction and tie all those creations into one piece of short fiction!
Your list...
Ork or Orc
Good Luck!

I'll be in a sandy corner not owned by Tallarn!


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