Saturday, July 9, 2011

Captain's Log... Going Second...

Sooo... Last night was another interesting adventure unto the fray with the Terminators.

I expected to play a one on one game but ended up in a team match of three people fer side totalling about 7000 points a side. It was interesting to say the least and we only were able to get in four turns before midnight.

I'm struggling with what to do if I go second with 'Death's Hammer'. I know scouting the bikes forward and hoping they will survive is suicide... been there done that. :P

The Terminators are playing out as I expected by being very resilient and people won't ignore them when they get in their face. Let's face it that Terminators are pretty straight forward when it comes to what they do by either killing you in close combat or killing you in close combat. If they were a more pronounced shooting set up then we would see terminators with plasma cannons... oh wait... obliterators.... my bad! :P

I'm still pondering the swapping of powerfist for another thunderhammer and storm shield in the squads.

My strategy is to use any available line of site blocking cover or scout to line of site blocking cover and then continue on with 'da plan' of dropping two squads if targets are viable. I'm unsure what to do if there aren't any targets or the table is not in my favor as far as set up goes.

Some of the things I am pondering...

-Reserve the entire force and walk on the table piece-meal?
-Only set up the bikes and reserve the rest?
-Drop one squad of terminators and create a hybrid list as suggested by RayJ?

Anyway, I am of to the store today to get in another game,

catch you in the corner later...


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  1. Reserving the bikes for outflanking becomes a much more likely scenario when you go second. This allows you to ensure they can deliver their key role (anti-tank) without having to face too much incoming fire. If you have sufficient terrain to block shooting, this isn't as big a deal, as then you can get your key early anti-tank shots and then keep the bikes back for harrassment and late-game objective grabbing.

    Your Deathwing squads are small enough that you should be able to block some type of shooting to them, and are resilient enough to be able to weather the rest. Having as many of them on the table as possible is usually a good idea so that when you retaliate, it is with as much firepower as possible.

    I usually never reserve more than a single Deathwing squad. Most Deathwing heavy lists have a lot of trouble if you bring in units piecemeal.