Saturday, July 30, 2011

Captain's Log... Fortress Inbound...

Fortress Kit

Hello everyone! I hope the summer is treating you well as it has been an utter 'crap-fest' for me due to some long hours at work. The long hours however, are over!

Pictured above is a new product that I pre ordered from 'warmill'. To view their complete line of 'stuff' they have to offer click the link below the picture. Warmill is a new company and is going online the first of August. I am excited to get the fortress and plan to do a review (a first for me) of the product.


The fortress comes as pictured and I also ordered a couple of straight sections of wall to 'destroy', two additional towers, and some antanae arrays.
My plan is simple. With the help of my good friend Tallarn, I am going to complete a 'themed' modular table to use in contrast to the modular city terrain that I already own. Trees, supply boxes (compliments of Tallarn) and other various 'stuff' should make for some great games on a (hopefully) easy to build and paint fortress.

Tallarn also suggested I use some 'this is how you destroy buildings' rules. When I get something figured, I'll post them for some comments or two. Don't hold your breath though...

I'm not busy, on vacation this week and plan on doing some more paiting to 'Death Hammer' and getting ready for 'Ard Boyz now that the missions are posted. I'm going with a hybrid list as suggested by RayJ one of my followers who always makes a comment when the Dark Angels are mentioned in my blog.

I appreciate all you comments to the corner...

I'll be back alter after some more family time and beer!



  1. Im working on the rules already!

  2. Let me clarify...

    When I suggested that people don't hold their breath in my post I only mean that I am busy with 'Ard Boyz at the moment.


  3. I am already a fan of these building rules. Should I make more smoke/fire thingamajigs?

    Also, a DA hybrid list at 2500 could be highly effective. I'm thinking your 2k Deathhammer list plus some bikes for accurate deep striking.

  4. CK, could you let me know how good that fortress actually IS, since it looks great, I just wanna know before I order mine...

  5. @ JP - I will let you know in detail and answer any questions.

    We should set up a skype session and we could do a a 'real time' look at them as best we can over the internet. I might even be able to do some pictures and send them while we are doing the skype thing.

    How does that sound?


  6. perfect! need to "kit" out my games room, so...