Monday, August 29, 2011

Captain's Log... Wing Dings...

These are better!

How is everyone? Do you all have a chair, is everyone comfy? Water?


I've been reading all over the internet about wing 'this' and wing 'that'. I believe the term people are searching for is Deathwing. No interpretations, substitutions, or exchanges!

Barbeque wings
Ironwing (an epic term)
Wing Commander

Wings this, wings that! Arggggg!

Just stop.

There are only two wings in our game.


People have some great imaginations when it comes to painting, converting, list building and fluff but when it comes to the 'label' of something we are an unimaginative lot. I've even stolen a name for lack of a better option.

Can I get some original names for your stuff and leave the 'wings' to the Dark Angels till a new codex comes out or do you all have to steal our names too?!

It's easy... you can say it... repeat after me...

Deathwing.... Deathwing... 

Practice in front of a mirror.... Deathwing....

I'll be in a corner being lazy when it comes to hobby stuff...



  1. LOL you win, that was better than my Bieber post!

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  3. Er. Nevermind, I got mixed up. Raven GUARD is the chapter, Raven WING is the subgroup. However, with a touch of research, I did turn up the Black Wings, which is another chapter.

  4. Just ranting Laz, just ranting at the over use of the term... wing!

    I'm waiting for the 'Lazwing' to appear somewhere! :P