Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Captain's Log... 'Ard Boyz, List #2...

Dark Angels Thunderhawk.jpg
My ride to and from work! :P

The picture has nothing to do with my post but it does look good. Don't you agree?

I've pondered, played, and begged help with my list and it has boiled down to running a hybrid list as suggested. I'd love to run a pure Deathwing but it'll never 'get back to the thunderhawk'... so to speak.

Here is the list...

Belial, w/dual lightning claws
Sammael, riding in his landspeeder

Brother Galassi (dred w/assault cannon)
Brother Stephan (dred w/assault cannon)

Belial's Terminator Command Unit, TH + SS x5 , CML, Apothecary Drozd (troop choice)
Terminator Squad #1, TH + SS x5 , CML, chainfist (troop choice)
Terminator Squad #2, TH + SS x5 , CML, chainfist (troop choice)
Terminator Squad #3, TH + SS x5 , CML, chainfist (troop choice)
Terminator Squad #4, TH + SS x5 , CML, chainfist (troop choice)

Sammael's Attack Squadron, meltaguns x2, Apothecary Harker, attack bike w/melta (troop choice)
Ravenwing Attack Squadron, meltaguns x2, attack bike w/melta (fast attack choice)

Predator #1, w/lascannon sponsons
Predator #2, w/lascannon sponsons

I'm not good enough to run just four terminator units thus the reason for five. It has been suggested in a previous post that I go with four and then gain some more bikes and speeders. I don't have the speeders now nor do I play well enough to use the units in hybrid list by RayJ. I'd just order the speeders to get them for the future but I just ordered an entire fortress... The Irish Princess is good to me but she isn't going to let me do that... for now!

I'm going to find some plasma cannons for the dreds in the future because I think they will work better but need the armour to tie up some annoying DCA's that will appear in the event on Saturday. It's the only unit at the moment I can think of to tie the assassins up if they  get to me. I'm going to pop the landraiders if that goes well... it's on!

Last night I finished the second auto/las predator and rounded up a couple of TH + SS terminators. The terminators will still have beakie heads but the shields won't be the standard DA's symbol. I'm going to call them the 'Bash Brothers' for fun!

Ahhh... I'm tapped out in the corner...


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  1. At such a point value and with so few models, I would give those Dreads the Venerable upgrade to make them just a bit more durable.

    Since you don't have a lot of units, let alone dudes in those units, you have to play as beardy as you can 100% of the time. Figure out which units are best to feed to a certain type of enemy unit, stay out of LoS, concentrate the fire and efforts of every unit at one or two targets to increase your chances of taking it down, deploy around your objectives and play for a draw if need be.

    The list doesn't really lend itself to being alpha strikey in any turn, since your greatest "mobility" is deepstriking on the bikes turn 1. Then you're footslogging, and that's slow. If you want to get up in your opponent's face, it has to be with everything in your list, and right from the start. A unit of 5 Termies? Fairly easy to take on. Even two units of 5, you can shoot one and tie the other with a CC unit. Now, 5, plus two Ven Dreads, with two AV13 Preds racing around running into things? A bit more difficult. Don't be afraid to give up all your shooting to move the army full tilt into your opponent's face.