Monday, August 15, 2011

Captain's Log... Distractions...

Is it Christmas already? I think not!

When I came home from work today this was on the front porch.

I'm like a nerd in a game store corner on pay day with money to spend!


(More pictures after the break)

As promised more pictures.

Tower pieces

Overview of stuff.

Antenae Arrays

straight wall pieces

underneath the straight wall (completed)

backside of the tower

front side of the tower

I'll be busy in the corner...



  1. Sweet, those look great! Now to get your rules done...

  2. These look good even without paint! I have hobby envy.

  3. A. Those are awesome. Puts me in mind of Necromunda.
    B. What are they called?
    C. How reasonable are they?

  4. Infamous -

    I apologize about getting back to you and your comments...

    A. Thank you. Now scurry over to Tallarn's blog and check out the custom rules he designed for them.

    B. The terrain is called Battlesnap Terrain.

    C. I have provided the link and will let you decide for yourself on the price. I think they are a little pricey but I had worked a ton of hours and it gave me a 'one shot deal' at haveing a completely different table then the city I own.

    Link ---->

    More pictures from the corner in a few days.