Saturday, August 20, 2011

Captain's Log... Fortress Completed...

Here is the fortress completed and arranged with all the pieces including the extra two towers and two long sections I ordered.

 My next order of business is...

1. Glue it together. - It will stay together 'as is' and the company does say it is easier to store. I think that the chance of losing parts, breaking 'nubs' that hold some things in place, and general wear from breaking it down and putting it together is asking for problems in the long run. Glue and a 'tub' to put the parts in is the answer.

2., Decide if I am going to glue the roofs on the towers. - My friend Tallarn has graciously invented some hosue rules for the fortress and claims them as open topped regardless of the roof or not. I think I'm going to glue them for the time being.

3. Basing the parts. - I find that they need a little weight and some sort of 'ballast' isn't the answer in my opinion. I'm thinking some hard board, place the fortress, trace the outline, and trace lines right along the edges of each peice to get the correct size.

4. Paint. - I'm wondering if I can get my friend Consadine to come down one weekend and we could paint the fortress with his airbrush. I'm thinking browns, greens, dark dark greys and blacks.

For now though... I'll be in the corner... the one by the tower...


1 comment:

  1. Godo lord that thing takes up the entire table, I would wait for the airbrush lol.

    Going to make for an excellent game that will, ill be casting you some crates this weekend to get in with the Wasabi Peanuts!