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Captain's Log... Third Place...

Third Place!

Once again unto the breech...

The 12th of November down at FTW games in Richmond hosted an 1850 point Tournament with about 100 bucks worth of prizes handed out. Eight people showed and it was a good day for all. I played three rounds and the rundown of armies included: Grey Knights (1), Dark Eldar (1), Imperial Guard (1), Blood Angels (1), Ravenguard (1), The First Legion (Me), Tau (1), and Horde Orks (1).

My list can be found below...

Rune Priest, Runic Armour, Living Lightning, Murderous Hurricane
Rune Priest, Runic Armour, Melta-Bombs, Living Lightning, Jaws

Wolf Guard (x3), Power fist (x2), Combi-Melta (x2), storm bolter (x2, on the same model)

Lone Wolf #1, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield
Lone Wolf #2, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield

#1 Grey Hunters (x7), Mark of the Wulfen, Power Weapon, Meltagun, rhino
#2 Grey Hunters (x7), Mark of the Wulfen, Power Weapon, Meltagun, rhino
#3 Grey Hunters (x6), Mark of the Wulfen, Meltagun, Razorback w/twin lascannons
#4 Grey Hunters (x6), Mark of the Wulfen, Meltagun, Razorback w/twin lascannons
#5 Grey Hunters (x5), rhino w/ pintle mounted storm bolter

Long Fangs (x6), Lascannons (x2), Missle Launchers (x3), rhino
Long Fangs (x6), Lascannons (x2), Missle Launchers (x3)
Long Fangs (x5), Missle Launchers (x4)

Game One...

My game one was versus a fellow nicknamed Jay from up the road in Fredericksburg VA. He travelled with man who I fought against in my third game and was borrowing an Imperial Guard Army.

I have the list but the jist of it was Pask in a Punisher, Yarrick on foot with an entire platoon (30 models), Harker and his squad, and several heavy wepon teams. He did have one chimera with veterans loaded up with meltaguns.

The mission was a variation of of capture and control with one headquarters character 'carrying' the objective. I chose one of my Rune Priests who had to stay dismounted and he chose Yarrick.

You can see the majority of Jay's deployemnt and how he was 'move move move' with Yarrick.

The highlights of the game were the punisher cannon laying waste to my right flank, eight Hunters and a Wolf Guard tarpitting Yarrick and his unit for four turns and a Lone Wolf killing off Harker and his squad eventually getting himself killed later by Yarrick.

Pictured below is the tarpit of Hunters and Guardsmen. I eventually lost everyone but not before Yarrick stayed down.

I was able to pull off a minor victory but it was almost a draw. What really helped Jay out was Yarricks special ability to get back up. I killed Yarrick with a powerfisted Wolf Guard in turn three but Yarrick's will to live got him back up in turn four and then I had to thunderhammer and powerfist him again in turn five till he went down. Imagine Yarrick with 30 wounds and a 'I'll be back rolll'!

Jay went on to win best sportsman of the day by unanimous vote of all the people that played him.

Game Two...

Horde Orks against one of the top tier players in the area. Between him and two other fellows it is wonder anyone shows to play in any of the torunaments when prizes are involved.

The game was 'what else?'... Dawn of War and kill points. There was one objective on the board but with almost ninety orks, I wasn't about to run to the dead center of the table and give the game away.

The mission required a player to have the objective and beat their opponent by five kill points. You can imagine what happened. Blue (his nickname) shot all of my transports for the easy kill points and only killed 24 of my marines.

The deployment picture didn't turn out (in fact none of the pictures of this game turned out... odd) but I castled up behind all the terrain features to block line of site and lined up on the table edge. I knew I wouldn't 'kill' everything and wanted him to come to me.

My mistake was moving one transport forward six inches allowing room for Ghazgul, Snikrot, and Kommando's, to deploy from reserve in my deplyment zone instead of on the left or right flank.

I forgot the rule that allowed them to deploy on my table edge and the fact Snikrot allows Gaz to come along for the fun of the 'sneaky gits'!

I was massacred and got one battle point total in this game.

Game three...

Tau - Quality not Quantity.

Two Hammerheads, nine crisis suits, a character in a crisis suit and augmentations galore... or is it plethora?


The mission was five objectives and he shot the crap out of me till turn five. I swear his die was loaded when it came to 'penetrating hits. Five of my vehicles exploded and were destroyed. No weapons, no stuns, no immobilized, just killed. After that was the march of death.

My saving grace... I was able to place three objectives close to my spearhead deployment zone and hold two of them while a brave unit of hunters weathered an explosion of their transport and a second vehicle, a hammerhead template, and several attacks by missle pods and such. Four of eight were close enough to hold a far objective while my opponent only held one and the fifth was unsecured by either of us.

I only gave him one building but he deployed a team of suits and snipers in the top story while one small unit of Fire Warriors hid out of line of site till the last turn. (Smart!)

One of my Lone Wolves was shot before he ever got into combat but my second Lone Wolf did manage to destroy three suits, two drones, and a character in a suit and... lived till the end of the game! (Gives up a kill point but in this match KP's weren't used!)

I was playing on the same table I was on in the first game and just bunkered and shot anything that I could draw line of site to. The picture is from the first game but I unknowningly set up almost identical in the thrid game. The building gave me tow real good lanes of fire and I spread my Long Fangs out the full length of the building splitting fire only once or twice due to obscured targets.

I show you the next picture because CJ (my last opponent) uses a couple of Catachan Jungle fighters with krootguns to represent four 'kroot'. Why? Kroot come in boxes of 16 models but a full sqaud is 20 kroot. It's cheaper and easier to get four Catachans then to get another box of Kroot with most of them going to waste. I apologize about the picture being blurry.

My day wend minor victory, recieved a massacre, and major victory. I earned enough points to take third overall and win myself ten bucks in store credit for any of my future purchases.

Not bad at all and a very fun day.

I leae you with a shot of my Chooser of the Slain token since I was fiddling with my new photo box.

I'll be in the corner doing more testing of my list... and eating popcorn...


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