Sunday, October 23, 2011

Captain's Log... A Rant - The Corner will not be constrained!

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Inspiration has to come from somewhere!

It's a dreary morning here in beautiful New York where I have been in exile (work) including being attacked by Poppa Nurgle (pneumonia + cold). The Apothecary says I'm free of any illness but I won't be returning for a day or two to The Rock (home).

This is how I view The Rock shortly after the fight between the Lion and Luther... but I digress...

The purpose today is to firmly put into words my opinion on 'count-as' in our game we call Warhammer 40K.


To be honest I am getting pretty tired of reading articles about 'count-as' being some way to be 'cheap', 'WAAC/FAAC', or right/wrong. I'm jumping on the bandwagon itself but for Lion's sake let's be done with it!

It was also inspired by Purgatus and his words here and good words should be repeated (at least linked too!) ---> CLICK

'Counts-as' is neither right or wrong. Just as there is a place for tournaments and themed events that have nothing to do with competition there is a place for models that don't conform to the fluff representing a miniature or conform to the physical appearance to  a model they represent. It is not mutually exclusive to say that 'count-as' models belong in one category or the other. When has our hobby every been about absolutes? Never.

The origins of our game begin with the designers themselves scratch building models to represent existing models or non-existent models. Why look at this hover tank for marines... Wait! Marines never had a hover tank!

Purgatus says it very well, (his words) " ...yet don't feel constrained by background when creating my own armies" or (in my words) get in your way when building your models. We should be inclusive as much as possible when it comes to allowing things that don't 'exact;y' conform.

The key is to be inclusive in our hobby instead of exclusive. It's better for the everyone and ultimately our hobby.

This is a thunder hammer and storm shield terminator banner bearer.
This is going to be a scout when I use the Space Wolf Codex.

The internet is vast and infinite... so is our game and it's players. Dictators never last and will be imprisoned as they try to enter certain corners... 

I'll be in a private corner... trying to making combi-melta's... and get out a this white jacket...


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  1. well said! tbh, as long as someone doesnt run the same army with 3 or 4 codecies, I have no problem. Like your "angels", they are fine!