Saturday, April 30, 2011

Captain's Log... The Meat-Ginder...

When I get the chance to game I try to get out regardless of where my models status are concerning painting. I like to play with painted figures, will never win any awards with them, but I try. I put an effort into slapping some paint onto my guys and this is really what the beigning of this article is about tonight more then a battle report.

Today I was down at 'For The Win' (FTW) in Richmond. It's one of the local shops owned by Rob Baer and owner of Spikey Bits and a contributor on a more popular 'boycotted by me' site online. He set up the tables, split the eight of us that showed into two groups and got us going with thirty minute 'Apocalypse' turns. It really turns into a 'bastardized' game really quick when a lot of stuff is done on the fly. I wanted to get out and play with my toy soldiers so... I deal with it!

Thabot was a young man  that played Salamnders. Vulken, flamers, melta, the whole 'shabang'. He knew what he was doing for the most part and was very  busy smiting the foes of the emperor but his effort was something to be commended.

Below are just a couple of pictures weren't flops (I'm a terrible camera guy). The flames and such aren't the greatest and leaves a lot to be desired but he tires. From his painted army he tries a lot. I wish more people would put half the effort into their 'toys' but I'm sure these words would just fall on deaf ears.

Thabot ran these two whirl-winds in an 'apoc' formation with landspeeder as a spotter. They fired every turn of the game and were very effective... if they hit! :P

Mister Vindie (Thabots) took on three Monoliths and manged to imobilize two before falling to the ruinous powers of... Chaos Daemons since the Necrons (toasters) couldn't handle the job!

The next fellow played guard and for the life of me I can't rember his name now that I am writing. (crap...) He was in the same boat that I was when it came to painting. He had Valkeries in formation that weren't painted but wanted to get out and game.

His tanks however were a different story and actually held the chaotic powers to a draw. He paints a simple black/bronw scheme with the same on his gaurdsmen who managed to hold one objective the entire game. Effort, skill is important, but effort is key.

Now the guy of the match for me was a terminator apothecary with a cyclone missle launcher, thunder hammer and storm shield. I call him 'The Surgeon Suralie'. although not completly painted he managed to hold of a horde and survive two full rounds of 'the kitchen sink' being thrown at him. He actually managed to kill a few in close combat along the way before falling.

Belial and his Command Sqaud (inprogress) augmented by Chaplain Galassi were hung out to dry from the first Death Wing Assault in turn one since two, count'm, two other terminator squads fell to teleportere mishaps. The second turn enemy shooting was too much to handle being the only target.

This last picture is of a kitbashed vehicle posing as... something. I never did find out who built the thing or what it was.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and apologize for the lack of quantity and commentary. I really just wanted to share. Thanks for looking!

I'll be in the corner... fixing my terminator list... adding bikes... taking out the dreadnoughts...


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