Saturday, March 29, 2014

Captain's Log... One more step...

It seems like a lifetime ago that I wore these...

Ten miles, uphill, in the snow, both ways... with broken glass...

If I had a nickel for every time I've heard this cliche... except for that last part... However, I that is how my season 'feels' regardless of the results. Maybe it's part results and part my attitude.

I was hoping for a few lucky rolls on players and could still get one but it's all uphill against some tough opponents. What are you going to do? Just put one foot in front of the other and take one more step. I'm not as 'stylish' as SinSynn is at the House of Paincakes when it comes to writing this out but we both get our point across.

You do what you have to do.

Friday night I played my first 'Challenge Match' of the season against another on of our coaches. Chris and his Family are from England and are here while Chris works as a machinist for a local company. When I say machinist I mean the type of machines you see on popular television shows that make stuff... and he's good at it.

Chris went from playing High Elves in our league to playing Lizardmen... He thinks he looks like this...

Since Chris is in his first season with the Lizardmen, he looks more like this...

Crime Report # 5 - Uphill all the Way...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

John Walker Redd here to give you the highlights of the Chalenge Match between the Finks and the Bayou Brawlers.

The Brawlers are a group of Lizardmen with braun and... skinks. Their Kroxigor, big mutant gator, is nothing to sneeze at but when he goes 'bone head' for several plays he isn't of much use. The real big guys are the Saurus whose strength is hard to overcome.

I will thank 12,000 fans, whom overwhelmed the 3,000 Brawler fans, who showed on a cold and windy Friday night under the amplified illumination of several 'will work for mead' wizards. Only once was the game called for poor lighting.

Winning the coin toss the Finks elected to have the ball first in the second half so they would know what they needed to do.

Alligators and Crocidiles can be vicious but the lizardmen from this bayou are still learning the game of Blood Bowl. Make no mistake, because they will take advantage of it, they still have much to learn in there rookie season but will be a force to reckon with upcoming seasons.

Fat Tony and Sir Hiss, the coach for the Brawlers, have had dealings in the past so an accord was struck between the two over a few 'things' in the game. I have a prepared statement of the accord but for some reason I have very regrettably forgotten where it is at the moment.

The first half of the game went as planned by Fat Tony. While the lizards had the ball and caged themselves up to protect the vulnerable skink ball carrier, the Finks tried to no avail, to assail the Saurus and get at least one of them off the pitch. True to form of the week the Finks only managed to knock a skink into next week and do nothing to the strong and leathery bigger guys.

League Officials are looking into the possibility that metallic plates are inserted beneath the leathery plates of the Saurus but all the inspectors have not returned at this time. The Brawlers have officially stated they have no comment nor will they comment while their dinner is interrupted.

At the half the game was two-two in favor of no one due to the back and forth touchdowns of each team.

The Finks received the ball in the second half and scored quickly. Lucky Mikey is getting a reputation as a touchdown specialist on his team but is being called a 'ball hog' behind his back. The team, regardless of name calling, is glad he is part of the Finks and doing his part while the rest take a few lumps... like the red-shirt line-rat Snorky who was knocked out of the game. Donnie was also a bit dazed and confused and ended the game on the bent but no further side effects seem to be afflicting the back-up runner to Lucky.

Sir Hiss didn't have anything for Lucky and tried to knock him our of the game but the skinks (the little guys) were the only ones able to reach him and failed to do anything but stun him down to the field of play.

Meanwhile, Fat Tony wanted to control the clock while he managed to get at the ball but the Brawlers scored tying the game late in the 7th play of the second half.

On the Fink's 7th play Lucky showed why he is the leading scorer for two seasons for the Finks. Despite a new untested formation, the Brawlers were unable to stop the leaping very long legged dodging gutter runner who lives up to the moniker of Lucky! The score was now four two three with not enough time for the Brawlers to score.

...and the fans went wild!

Even though the game doesn't count for the regular season it brought in double the normal amount of regualr season games and added 100,000 gp for the Fink's treasury. This goes a long way for the team to make it to a third season among one of the bashiest leagues known.

For a bashy team the Brawlers gave it their best but the skills of the Finks out maneuvered them in the end. The Finks won't sit on their laurels and become complacent. The rats have work to do spreading their brand of the plague around the league and make their way to the next season and possibly another playoff appearance.

Sunday March 30th is the next schedule regualr season match versus yet another team made to destroy teams but for the moment Fat Tony, the Finks, and the support staff will enjoy a well earned victory.

Be looking in the corner for the next report...

Official Fink Lawyer and Spokesman
John Walker Redd
Retired Cornerstone Blocker


  1. A) Congrats! Another win under your belt against the odds is very nice.
    B) What is with all this regular posting? Are you running a blog now or sumpfin? :P

  2. No regular posting... it's just that I have something to be creative with. :P

    I lost much because I'm not fond of the 6th Edition rules of 40K. It was also tough for me to get in games for some reason.

    Blood Bowl has given me an outlet. A little modeling, painting, and creativity with the reports.

    I'm having fun and sharing it despite the bad luck the past week.

    Thank you for looking Zab!

    1. It's quite entertaining. I feel ya. 6th killed a lot of people's 40K joy. I found 2+ hours for a friendly pick up game to be nuts and then all those crazy complex rules? Who has the time? "I thought it was a beer and pretzels type deal - why do I feel so much pressure - bah! I'm out." That was me. What is blood bowl like in comparison? More like a skirmish type deal? At any rate I'm sure the impending 7th ed will fix everything for 40k ;)

    2. Blood Bowl is more of a skirmish game when played in tournaments and pick-up games. Add in a league and it has the element of a campaign... maybe it's more like combat patrol in that sense...

      You gain skills in a league and can pick and choose based on players statistics and the other teams in the league.

  3. Well...Finally a win fer da Finks!
    Poor rookie got all ate up...

    1. Red Shirt Line-Rat... they don't get named till they gain a skill... if they are a line-rat that is. BTW... all the line-rats have red-clothes.

      It's reallly a nerd joke... like from Star Trek the Original series... red shirt landing party members with no names were killed everytime they appeared... thus the joke.

      Does that make sense?