Sunday, March 23, 2014

Captain's Log... From Bad to Worse...

This is how I felt going into the game...

I was beat up earlier this week with the Skaven and after 24 hours of feeling sorry for myself I was ready to get back on the wagon and play some more Blood Bowl. I arranged a game today with another coach in our league...

That was my second mistake...

Blood Bowl is a brutal game and not to be played by anyone who can't take a beat down. It happens on a regular basis in our league since we have two 'bashy teams' that tend to 'damage' teams when they play. Understand me clearly... I don't mind getting beat in Blood Bowl as it is part of the game. Permanently damaging your team twice a season is not fun.

Photo used without permission from Alexis at Deviant Art.

Crime Report #3 - the Train Wreck

Ladies and Gentlemen... and all the rest of our fans in the cheap corners!

Thank you for sticking with us and showing up today allowing us to win the fan factor (+2 for having twice as many fans at the match) in the our match versus 'The Sons of the Apocalypse'.

Now  you would think that a 'Chaos' team in it's third season of our league would entitle the Fink's to a few inducements to even the match out... but it didn't. the Fink's out-valued the third season team due to it's clever 'no second chances policy' (no re-rolls) and a death of it's Minotaur at the hands of Daemon Dave and his team in the second week of the 8th season.

I will cut to the chase or should I say... lets get to the emergency room... quickly...

The 'Sons' won the coin toss and elected to receive the ball. I'd tell you that things went well but they didn't... quickly.

At the third play (turn) of the Finks only six players were standing on the pitch and two players were hurt so badly that they will never be the same players again. (three badly hurt, one -1 Str, One -1 AV). It was such a beat down that the 'Son's' Coach, with a twinkle in his daemonic eye, insinuated a forfeit. Well... that is not going to happen with Fat Tony who learned that from the CornerStones in there day in the local league. Tony refuses to 'rage quit'.

Fat Tony assures me, and the league, that the fink's may get mauled this season and not look like anything we have ever seen before but he promises it will be so ugly that the league will be 'begging' for the Fink's to start over with all fresh rats.  It is not going to happen.

At the half the Fink's were still down to six players but only four were on the pitch to start receive the ball in the start of the second half.

By the end of the game the Finks did manage to score but still lost the match by a score of two to one. and for their winnings they received the measly sum of 30,000 gp (rolled a one for the gold plus the two for the fan factor) tossed at them by the janitor who took part of the winnings since he had to 'clean up' such a mess.

The Finks are not the same as I write these lines and report to you.

SinSynn 'Two Tails' the Breeze will not be as strong (-1 Str) as he was before and Mikey, our star runner, will have a 'glass rib' (-1 AV) for the remainder of his playing days. Both of these key players will also miss the next game.

Howie will return to play next game after his miss this game but the two red shirt line-rats that were trying to show their stuff to the Finks and make a name for themselves will not be returning.  A third rat with a glass rib and a second permanently weak rat without any skills just cannot help the team even as fodder so they were let go by order of Fat Tony... who promptly ate them for dinner for being lousy Blood Bowl players.

To all the loyal fans still reading... We only have one direction to go... onward!

Our next match is scheduled for Tuesday.

Official Fink Lawyer and Spokesman
John Walker Redd
Retired Cornerstone Blocker

This is how I feel after the match...

Blood Bowl is a great game. I love the guys who support our league. I don't mind getting beat. Rebuilding a team after each game and sitting there for two hours getting beat isn't fun. Nope... not even a little. I have till tomorrow at 4:15pm to whine.

Questions may now be directed to the corner... after I find some more band-aids for my butthurt.


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  1. Hmmm...maybe you should switch to squirrels and just shave their tails so no one can tell...They are really good at the whole zig zag thing (until they're not - splat)!