Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Captain's Log... Count This!...

One, one costume!

Distracted by this...

A civil discussion in other parts of the interwebz is transpiring about count-as stuff which is very cool and the fact that the discussion is civil is cool too!

Now, since I 'count-as' space wolves (The First Legion)  a couple of my guys have 'mark of the wolfen'. Let's go down the rabbit hole a bit and see where it leads...

First, it's an option for a few units and characters in the space wolf codex. I'm not going to list which units but I will give out some information about the subject from the current codex.

Page 62 in the current codex clearly states what the mark of the wolfen does but does not show or state 'what exactly counts-as' the mark.

From the picture below can you tell which one is marked?

It isn't so easy is it?

Competative Players and Fluff Bunnies alike tell me that I should be using...

Funny thing about these guys is that they are 'Wolfen' models and 'Wolfen' units aren't represented in the current Space Wolf codex. Imagine that! If you were to dig deeper you'd find that they are represented in Imperial Armour books as formations these days.

Let's return to the first picture...

In the picture above is the only pictured 'mark of the wolfen' in the codex. (Page 66)

What makes him so special? I'm not sure. All three models are clearly individuals, have special wepons, bits and bobs to make them unique but what makes the 'marked' one mean he is marked. It is not explained.

All that I can figure is that it's the markings on his face that 'mark' him or his eyes which are not all that clear in the book or picture.

The 'marked' wolf uses his claws and teeth, has the rending special rule, rolls a d6+1 for attacks prior to each time he attacks, and these attacks are no effected by wargear but can be affected by other thngs. Read page 62 for a full description.

Now, here is N'trall one of my 'marked' guys that I use...

He is unique and stands out, he is clearly special by the terminator honours attached to his waist. It appears that he is a close combat guy (lightning claws or otherwise). He may not have teeth showing but I think the 'claws' are well represented. The presented 'marked marine' from the codex has teeth showing but his claws are holding a plasma pistol and a sword. Is not my version oppositely but still similarly modeled?

My point is that the mark of the wolfen is open to interpretation with good reason. If everything were 'absolute' then we might as well be playing with prepainted and modeled miniatures like those used in other games. We'd need no judges in tournaments. Our hobby would suffer.

I don't want our hobby to suffer nor do I want to decieve my opponent thus the reason I convert/kitbash, try to have a decent background, and put 'effort' into what I am doing regardless of the situation.

Effort... that's the key.

I'll be in other corners... painting more count-as wolves or "The First Legion"...


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