Sunday, February 19, 2012

Captain's Log... Practice, Practice, Practice...

Losing is suppose to build character... right!?

Just a couple of random shots after the break that turned out from the Adepticon primer held at FTW games, home to Spikey bits, yesterday.

The down and dirty is that I got my [insert expletive] handed to me yet again. Losing is suppose to build character but when you are losing two of every three games it gets a little, teansy, weansy, itty, bitty... old.

I'm down but not out.

The primer used last years Adepticon Missions and was run by Rob Baer's, of FTW/Spikey Bits, people. They have been doing well and are able to give out four awards in store credit  over the last few events. First through third get a prize and best sportsman gets a prize as well.

I'm not sold on the missions but I'm not a hard core tournament player without much expirience to compare. My gut tells me something is wrong with them but my head can't tell what. I'm pretty sure Adepticon 2012 will slap me in the face and steal my candy!

My first game was against a good man named Mike Vag. Lately he has been using an all space marine bike army. A deployment mistake and his inability to fail a difficult terrain test for his bikes were my undoing. He admitted that he only lost two or three bikes out of at at least 50 tests. The dice gods loved him!

Mike was able to pull off the kill point portion of the mission and table quarters but I was only able to get one HQ next to the center portion of the board.

The river in the middle was both difficult and dnagerous. Mike however was boldy driving down it by the end of the game with impunity. Curse you dice gods! :P

For me I didn't do badly except deploy poorly and get caught by the all reserved bike strategy. One thing I did very well in all three games was block better with my 'hulls' and channel 'stuff'.

My second game was versus Traitor Marines. I was able to kill the demon prince turn one so I never had to face him up close and personal but 20 marked (nurgle) marines with a lord armed with a daemon weapon did me in.

He walked straight up the street pictured and I never did get them all.

Wes was able to pull off getting a unit fully within my deplyment zone and hold one objective while I was able to hold the center objective.

At least I killed him...

My last long and drawn out game was against a fellow who has themed Vulcan army and is/was part of the wrecking crew. For the life of me I didn't get any pictures that turned out. Maybe next time.

The fellow from DC and I fought it out for a full six turns and it was close. He moved one unit the wrong direction after one of my units broke in close combat and I was able to contest one objective  otherwise he would have soundly defeated me.

I didn't get tabled in any of my games, I blocked better, but my attitude in close games still needs work otherwise I'm gonna get the jerk of the year award.

I hope you enjoyed the brief comments and pictures.

I'll be in the corner... painting a land speeder...


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  1. you may be making the same mistake I do, read the mission and pick the one objective you can most easily accomplish and then work on denying your enemy his. If you have the opportunity to take another one in round 5 or 6 then great, but at least you have one in hand already!

    Reading those missions and quickly analyzing them is difficult to do. Takes allot of practice.

    One thing I have been doing is sketching battles after I fight them, using them like flash cards to remember situations for the next time. It helps me learn much more from each mission.