Monday, February 20, 2012

Captain's Log... Devastators done...

Unweldy, quarky, and it's just so fantastic!

In my continuing efforts to get ready for April I have completed another squad of beakies but this time it is the old RTB Missle Launchers and a metal sergeant who was one of the first models I painted.

I'm hoping that this week I will have another sqaud finsished, some more progress on the display board, and some work on my speeder.

The pictures are after the break...


I like the old missile launchers because they just don't look like missile launchers! Having retired from the military I have fired 'stuff' so the thrill is gone. The RTB Missile launchers... just cool! The other two devastators have the new Froge World kits and I will shoot some comparison pictures to show off.

Sarge is one of the first models I put together and his age shows on his 'pack' that has yellowed form years of use. In his service he has been an assault marine without a jump pack, a lone wolf, hero, veteran sergeant, and space marine captain.

One of the things I am doing with my painting is 'lining' the breaks in the armour on the beakies so the models themselves have more color and definition. On the newer models I am washing in black in the deep resesses where it is suppose to be the carapace the  armour fits onto when worn. (I.E. - back of the knees)

The fellow above with the shield is another of my first models and I always field him if I can. The 'nose' is one of a few of my beaks that have them and was inspired from the orginal Rogue Trader Rules Book. I have not been able to find the picture to 'show' which one but I'm working on it.

The black lining I mentioned earlier can be seen better on the guy above.

The last bit I would like to mention is the ugrading I have been doing to my bases. I've been putting static grass (pictured on the left) over the green base and green flock from the past.

Thanks for looking, I'll be in other corners till next weekend...


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