Thursday, March 8, 2012

Captain's Log... Meanwhile...

Yep, I got a few.

The unit this week is anther devistator squad with parts ordered from Forge World. I originally had a 'sergeant' with a 'halberd' type of weapon but built a couple of guys so the only 'halberds' in my list are actually power weapons.

I managed to work on my landspeeder and a 'chooser of the slain' marker but for some reason I can't get the lighting correct tonight. I'm not happy with the pictures but wanted to update just to do something and relax.

As expected... more pictures of grey plastic painted grey...

Once again I'm struggling with lighting when I take pictures and the overall shot isn't very good in my opinion but here they are none the less. All my 'long fang spam' are done using the RTB Missile launchers or the retro-grades from Forge World... and all beakies. You knew that though...

Above is the sergeant and one of five missile launchers. I can see that I need to touch up in some spots on the painting due to handling and will fix that prior to sealing them over the weekend coming up.

As a note to those using the old school launchers I suggest you don't model the shoulder pad you plan on having a chapter symbol or something similar on the launcher side. Painting can be tedious and putting decals on is a bit of a pain even using some softener or such on the decals.

I'm still working on the eyes so it doesn't look like 'blood' is shooting from the helmets eye sockets. Practice, practice, practice... and a new brush. By Adepticon I should have it down.

Thanks for looking... I'll be in the corner...


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