Sunday, March 18, 2012

Captain's Log... Sunday, Sunday, Sunday...


While typical sports fans may be watching NCAA March Madness (VCU is out soooo...) or NASCAR I'm doing what 'we' do best... play with toy soldiers.

I do enjoy football and am following where Peyton Manning is going to sign. I really hope, along with my wife, that he doesn't pull a 'Farve' by bouncing around to differing teams at less then 100% till he knows he can't perform at an 'elite' level. I'm rooting for him to be healthy and to sign with the Bronco's so Tebow can learn under him and play an even better game when Manning retires officially. I wouldn't mind the Titan's either just to see if Manning can turn an average team into something better. Just musing though...

Just some candid pics this week after the break... the speeder, both my count-as rune priests inprogress, and my chooser of the slain token with new flock to match the rest of the army...

As you can see the librarian I scored off of ebay doesn't even have any basing material. I have had to file off some stuff and then 'gesso' an repaint some area's. I little here, a little there and he will get done. I'm not sure how I am going to do his sword.

 This guy is the kitbash you may have seen before. I have only gotten his sword done and can't seem to zero in on the sword itself in the picture to show it clearly. It's basically ice blue with a dry brush of fortress grey and the very edge is pur skull white. It looks cool in real life and my wife tells me it looks like 'Sting' from 'Lord of the Rings' carried by Bilbo/Frodo/Sam in coloring. I'll keep practicing with the pictures. The hilt is a dry brush of silver and a wash of black.

The speeder is too plain and I need some more coloring but wanted to show I have no been sitting on my laurels.

The chooser token is a familiar from the fantasy line of GW and has been done for years after I bought him and got him painted up. The flock used to be colored a pasture green but now matches the static grass I use on the rest of my guys. I almost dare someone to say he has a square base! :P

Anyhow, I'll be in other corners...


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