Sunday, March 11, 2012

Captain's Log... Comparison...

Back from being out of town for work but a project I was starting didn't make it past the test model. I'm building some 'guys' for a forum I belong to and the 'hand' and arm bitz aren't working out like I visualized... more of that later though.

Today I took some shots of an old Rogue Trader 'Beakie' Missile Launcher and the new Forge World retro-grade side by side to show a bit of comparison.

To begin with here is a shot of the two side by side...

The RTB Missile has noticeably less detail then the FW on the right. The missile rack looks like a rack instead of... (I'm not sure what to call it) the back blast ejection port is out and away from the body of the luncher in the newer version, there is an actual 'sight/scope' on the newer model, and the winged skull is just cool. It is easy to see just how far plastic/resin has come and what it has rewarded us with.

Now, I'd like to talk about decals and such on these models...

Decals are easy to put on but tough to make them look good. Microsoft on the decal helps and then painting over the edges of the decal when you have it right will go miles in improving how it looks.

Above is a crappy decal I did last week. I rushed and you can see the results. Another problem is space for the decal on these models. I suggest you 'do not' put the decals (if you are using them) nor the metal shoulder pads with detail on the side with the missile launcher.

The arm, launcher, pad, backpack, and position on the marines torso to get the left holding arm looking good or actually holding the launcher is tedious. The launcher has to be glued to the top of the pad it is resting on or the gap above looks like 'crap' but when you do this you decrease the amount of space required to get to metal pad details or get the decal in place.

I suppose you could paint the parts, put the decal on the pad, and then glue it in place but I think you are 'playing with fire' do to the positioning of the bitz. I emplore you to leave the launcher side should pad for simple details or designs designating the squad or troop/devastator.

Ahhh... Are there any questions?

Good luck, happy modeling, I'll be in some corner looking for 'right hand' fists to hold  Forge World bolters...


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