Saturday, November 1, 2014

Captain's Log... Gone, Not Forgotten...

I have not been busy. I have been sick and have played an entire season without blogging. It is what it is.

All I ask is that you follow me down the rabbit hole...

I'm building another 'skaven team' to play in our tenth season in the local area of Richmond. They are mostly traditional 'blood bowl' skaven that I have aquired through threats, bribery, and barter. I'd like three different gutter runner models and may have a line on a couple. We'll see...

I present to you the 'Washington Ratskins'. I want to use some 'brighter colors' and thought that I might get away with red, white, and golden yellow to tie the members together.

The pictures are the very first 'work in progress' shots. I also attempted a 'cloak' to convert an old school 'skaven' kicker model into a gutter runner.

...and 'The Flash'.

I'll keep you posted and the progress of the models and the team in Season-X



  1. whats up old man, good to see you still getting games in

    1. Oh... I won two trophies from two different tournaments... Most entertainingly Slaughtered and another 'Best Painted' (for my robot-halfling team).

      I also spent two days in the hospital with MRSA. My knee got dinged up and it became infected. The pills weren't strong enough and it almost went into my knee-cap. I'm better now.

      I did make it to the play-offs two season's in a row with the 'Finks'... I came in second in Season-7 and fifth in Season-8. It's been a rough go and we (as in our local group) decided to reset all the teams for Season-X thus the new models.

      I want to use brighter colors on my miniatures and try some 'shading' on the horns. I also want to use the 'skaven' again without the one turn touch down guy (which was lucky to get in the first place) and it will give me time to get some models together for a Norse team. I have the models and did some custom bases but need the time to get them together and painted them inline with the Cornerstones. I might do some green-stuff loin cloths on the big guys or kilts... just depends on how ambitious I feel.

      I've missed out conversations and actually was wondering how you have been.

      Stay cool in your corner...


  2. A good way to make greenstuff capes is to roll out a lil' ball of greenstuff until it's flat, and then cut out a cape shape from it. Peel away the excess (ya gotta do this on sumpthin' the greenstuff won't get helplessly stuck to. This is key, actually) and boom- a cape with nice crisp sharp corners.
    Once you stick it where you want it, you can tug on edges to stretch it out and make it all cool lookin' and poke holes or make the edges ratty (ha! Ratty) or whatevs.
    Capes are awesome. This is the technique I used to bang out like ten of 'em for my old my old Tau army...With Shadowsun...That I gave away...
    I miss that army, man.