Thursday, June 5, 2014

Captain's Log... Last Rat Standing...

A devoted fan... I think.

Ladies and Gentlemen... and all those in the stands without a cushion!

The Finks regularly scheduled programming has been interrupted due to a change in stadiums where they conduct the day to day business of the game called 'Blood Bowl'. I'd call it other names but I'm not getting my '[Insert Expletive]' handed to me at the moment and I don't have to burn any dice.

Let me explain...

A couple of weeks ago I finished out my regular season games in our local league and had a middle of the road record of 4-4-1. It's taken a few people that long just to get a few more games to close out our season last Wednesday.

During this time frame one corner has been sold and another newer, shiny-er, spacious corner has been purchased. Both corners are under a 'rush' to get the paperwork completed. You have no idea, well you might, how much 'crap' goes into selling corners nowadays. The only thing I don't need is a letter from the EPA about a CFL light-bulb id dropped two years ago. Sheesh.

We also had a change of 'commish' duties for our league and had to hash out a few things about our league and how it's run. We got most of it done one Saturday over a couple of beers, bacon wrapped hot dogs, and a few games of blood bowl.

My season, as middle of the road as it is, did get me into the first round of the playoffs. I was originally slotted as the 2nd seed with a first round 'bye' but the two guys behind me had very similar records and both beat me in the regular season. We had to correct that and then we got things underway.


Ending the season... I lost to Dark Elves in a very none eventful game against one of the best players in our league. He can be beat but you have to mind yourself.

I played a challenge match against our resident lizardman team and got my fur pulled out from me. The only word to describe it was 'ouch'. However, I would go onto face this same team in the first round and pull out a win.

The highlights of that match were the fact that the coach, feeling confident he wasn't making the playoffs, played a deadly team in our league and lost three players. I think it really hurt him more then we both thought.

SinSynn 'Two Tails' the Breeze... needing to swipe the ball from a skink, needing die roll of a six, to do it, and knock the guy down to get the ball out... SinSynn missed it the first throw of the dice but a skill gave him the ability to re-roll the dodge into the appropriate square on the pitch and block the skink to the ground. the ball was recovered by the second thrower on the team and I threw the 'Hail Mary Pass' to get it out of my end of the pitch. I would go on to score the winning touchdown.

The only other highlight of this game was 'Lucky Mikey' leaping into block a skink into the crowd... it was a desperate and dangerous attempt but once again I was able to get the ball out of my end of the field.

At the moment I waiting to play either Dark Eleves who I lost to in the last game of the regular season or the deadly Chaos Dwarf team whom stomped me in week five. The outcome of the other 'Wild Card' round is being played on Sunday... so I have to wait.


I will attempt to keep better notes and not be lazy with the match reports next season. I like doing them but it does take awhile... and pictures... meh... I'll see what I can do.

Anyway... I'll be in some corner figuring out what to do next...



  1. Something to do eh? I hear there is a new edition of 40k... EVERYONE is raving about it, I heard sinsynn even bought a copy!!!

    1. Pay for 7th Edition?
      Oh, hell no!
      Nah, I bootlegged mine.

  2. CK's never-ending season o' doom continues...
    Welp, SinSynn 'Two Tails' is still alive (thank gawd), and yer still in it...
    And grats on da new Corner, man!