Sunday, November 9, 2014

Captain's Log... Yellow...

I'm working with yellow and red for the 'Ratskins'...

Here are the first two models...

I need to work on the 'photography' portion but was impatient about getting them posted.


Season - X 'The Reset'

Salaam and good day to you,

 Many of you may have been expecting the human John Walker Redd to be writing this article but he is indisposed with the 'CornerStones' who will be making an appearance after the new year. I am SinSynn 'Two-Tails' the Breeze former thrower for the 'Finks'. I seem to have found a new calling outside the game as the writer for the 'Washington Ratskins' and a new calling while playing the game in the position of 'Rat Ogre'.

You have read the previous sentence correctly. I am no longer throwing the ball on the pitch. Let me explain...

After the loss in the first round of the playoffs last season our coach/player 'Fat Tony' was furious and ate half the team in a fit of rage and 2nd dinner. I was lucky that I had not been eaten but 'Tony', still enraged, stuffed 'warp' stone down my throat in an attempt to 'teach me' the gravity of our loss. It didn't have the desired effect.

Almost instantaneously I began to change in an uncontrollable manner. My second tail shrank and dropped off while my right arm split into two appendages. The uncontrolled, massive 'change' to my body, effected my mind as well. While off the field of play I can contain the rage on certain levels and still communicate effectively if left  isolated from others in some corner of a cell. I can no longer contain the rage if exposed to the field of play and often succumb to the 'wild animal' if poked... or un-poked in most cases. I miss my tentacle though... or was it a tail? I digress and forget these days...

The Ratskins kept me caged but in view of the field while they challenged another league team to a match. It was to determine if I could control myself enough to even take the field. I remember mostly everything but the cage itself needs repair. Maybe in a few short weeks I will be equiped to get into the fray... the glorious fray... and blood... don't forget the blood... and the smell of victory while beating your opponent... and then eating them... yes, eat them... with a little salt and pepper... forget the ball eat the player...

Where was I? Oh...

I am impressed to remember and pass on to you a few details of the tied game. It gives me hope that the control I have off the field and alone may be used to control my rage and become a star again.

Let me tell you of the match... after a snack... of cats...

The CDC with there diseased named 'Warriors of Nurgle' tried to infect the team and win in the first half but the efforts by the Ratskins prevented that from becoming a reality. At half time it was only one to zero but only by a hair.

During the seventh play of the drive the entire team of Raskins seemed to be falling to the turf. With only a handful players left standing we managed to sack the ball carrier near our end-zone and prevent a lead of 2-0.

We received in the second half and lost the ball. 'RG III' our #10 player and thrower failed to pick up the ball twice and was taken to the turf by two rotters. The 'Pestigor' was able to pick up the ball easily and score.

One rotter on the CDC roster was knocked out of the game in revenge for 'spiking' the wine on our side of the field... and not in a good way. After that we were a bit more motivated and scored our first touchdown by driving it down the field with a few running plays.

It looked like the CDC would grind down the game and they would win but RGIII redeemed himself with a pass to one of our gutter runners who promptly dropped the ball.

The CDC shambled to pick up the ball and even they could not keep control of it and after dodging though several tackle zones the ball was handed off to 'the Flash' who scored the tying the game as time expired.

I suspect this is when the 'animal' in me took over and the most damage was done. I regret that the Ratskins will have to go without an apothecary for now.  he shouldn't have been standing so close to the window with his back to me... and smelling... smelling of blood... and glory.. and...

Wait... Excuse me...

My comfort lays in the fact I can still write a few lines and make them understandable and entertaining on certain levels. In time I will return to the field of play.

For now... I need rest... and cats to eat in the corner... cats are evile... must be eaten... with cheese sauce...

Till our next match... and feeding...

SinSynn, 'Rat Ogre'
Official 'Washington Ratskin' Spokesman


  1. Good thing you didn't pick the hardest color to paint and the hardest color to photograph... for... your... never mind. Welcome back :)

    1. Thank you for stopping Zab!

      I used the... pause... to be creative.

      The hardest color? I've heard that it was 'white' or 'black'. And I have to start using more colors.

      I was talking to SinSynn from the Hop the other day and explained I have another, yes another, Skaven team coming at some point with an expansion so I can use them as Skaven or Underworld. They are very dynamic models and a broader palate of colors will help them look good.

      I've also ordered up some bases called 'Ancient Ruins II' from Dragon Forge. The bases won't arrive till February at the earliest but the combination of the two will really make them look 'from underground'.

      AND... I have the 'green light' for an orc team from 'Puppets War' after the first of the year. I'm gonna put some 'clanker' heads on them from Kromlech and actually call them 'The Klankers'. I need to be able to use some orange and blue for those guys just to make them stand out and figure out some sort of basing for them... but that's in the future.

      Links for what I was talking about:

      Skaven Team and Underworld Expansion -

      Ancient Ruins II (I'll use sets A and B AND order a diorama base to display them) -

      The Ords by Puppets War -

      Thanks again for stopping by Zab!


  2. Eat the player forget the ball.
    That's an elegant strategy, my friend!

    You should prolly get Lil' Sin on the field. He sounds like he just might grab the closest thing and start munching on it soon.
    You better make the friggin' finals this year, man. My heart can't take much more of the 'if this guy loses I make the next round' nonsense. I want clear-cut victories. Sequential ones.
    Go git 'em.