Saturday, November 22, 2014

Captain's Log... Reading...

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I was away for work for a week and didn't get much physical hobby stuff done. Now that I am back I'm gearing up with more painting and plotting.

Always with the plotting...

I have been reading though about my favorite guys the 'Dark Angels' or as a xenos I know calls them... beakies in robes.

Many people have already bought and read this book and done reviews. I'm just an average guy though and wanted to write down a few thoughts about Gav Thorpe and the Legacy of Calaban trilogy.

Gav Thorpe will never remember but a few years past a forum I still belong to created a thread where the members could ask Gav questions and he would reply. I asked about a singular thought or idea to keep in mind when it comes to his writing about the Dark Angels. I was fortunate that he replied.

Like Gav Thorpe's answer to me, and when reading about the marines from Calaban, you have to remember one key point... The Dark Angels are obsessed with the Fallen. They are loyal but they can't get past, well, the past. And it gets them into trouble. ( my thought not Mr. Thorpes)

'Master of Sancitity' is the second book in the trilogy after the first 'Ravenwing'. The third book will be out in 2015 and well be called 'Unforgiven'.

Simply, the book is ok. It's an easy read. Thorpe doesn't do dialogue like other authors and many people don't enjoy how he writes. I'm ok with his style and the story but I'm biased since I like the Dark Angels. I view them as the other side of the coin from the Space Wolves... probably why they don't get along most of the time.

What I enjoyed the most about the book is the look we get at how recruits are brought into the circle of the Ravenwing and the Deathwing. Gav gives us more detail to their inner workings then we have had in the past. Yes, things are still a secret but the marines in those two companies KNOW that things are being kept from them and know why.

This book follows a couple of minor characters that are initiated intot he upper levels of the Dark Angels Chapter but mostly compares and contrasts two notable figures in the hobby and lore... Master of Sanctity Saphon and Interoogator Chaplain Asmodai. Their roles are clearly defined but on many occasions come to  a head.

I like the relentlessness of Asmodai's character yet also like the forethought of Saphon. The two positions characters balance each other out. Saphon is a leader with differing qualities then the taskmaster of Asmodai. They work like sandpaper more often then naught.

For hard-core wirters and fans I suspect they won't enjoy the book. It's ok. It is not a 'Fulgrim' or a 'Mechincum'. Remember... not everyone can be an ADB! (Shamelessly stolen from a friend!)

I don't want to spoil anything, but I'm just bursting, so I will leave you with this...

'You may call me by my title..."

You will have to read the book yourself to find out what happens.



  1. It was good but He would never be "captured" that easily. Gav's writing is evolving, but his dialogue is still pretty brutal. All in all being a 1rst Legion Groupie I enjoyed it, Read the whole thing in my bathrobe just to feel more at one with the characters :P

    1. Shhhhh... I have this cell in the 'corner' if you blab any more! XD

      I'm a gentle critic despite the subject of his books. I'm a very amateur writer and blogger... Gav Thorpe is published. Who am I to jump on the 'yikes!' bandwagon.

      I think though he is much better then the 'old' days.

      I did not read in my bathrobe. I was in a hotel away for work and was too scared to get much more comfortable then long pants. It wasn't that the hotel was bad or unclean but it's not my house. If that makes sense.

      Thanks for stopping Zab!


  2. good stuf! I remember the thread well, I arranged it all with mr Thorpe ;)
    its nice to see you revisiting the DA

    1. I've never really left the Dark Angels... I'm just stuck in the warp so to speak. 7th Edition isn't looking good to me.

      I've seen some of the rules, meh. I'm not fond of the prices. I've watched the 're-donk-you-luss' things being brought to tables in tournaments and I am not impressed.

      It seems that it could be 'themed' pretty easy and play for fun but the competative aspect of it is gone. the more money you can throw at it the better... and that is not desirable to me.

      I've seen you are busy to with 'Garage Gamers'. Anything new on the horizon? heard from the 'Master of Dirt' in Scotland?


    2. The little one wants to get Star Trek Attack wing to play together so im game for that.
      Otherwise a reinvigoration of Mordheim is in the pipeline and on the horizon!

  3. There's a great scene in Unremembered Legion where The Lion is talking with Guilliman, and they're sorta interrupted by a small contingent of Beakies-With-Wolves, who are there to monitor da Ultras for any signs of Heresy.
    One of the Space Wolves is like, 'Yeah, that's great, but before we go anywhere or do anything, there's a little manner of honor to be settled.'
    And the Lion sighs, and he's like, 'Fine, I'll do this myself.'
    The Space Wolf, undeterred, launches himself at the Lion, who casually backhands the fool into next week.
    As the Wolf picks himself up and realigns his face, the Lion says, 'So we're cool then?'
    And the Space Wolf says, 'Yeah, we're cool.'

    Good scene. I'm paraphrasing, of course.

    I've already read the first Beakies-In-Robes book, so I'm sure I'll read the second.
    Zab isn't kidding. Thorpe's dialog is...Og Gawd it's awful.
    'We are the Angels of Darkness, brothers, and we know no fear. We bring the Emperor's retribution upon the heads of our enemies. Now, we ride! For the Lion! For the Emperor!'
    Who talks like this?
    He needs to sit down with Aasron Dembski-Bowden and learn how to write Beakies with a personality...

    1. Damn you xenos! I haven't gotten my books yet! Spoiler!

      I suppose you enjoy that role though!

      I quoted you... 'Not everyone can be an ADB'. There is so much truth in that.

      Gav's dialogue isn't much better in the second book but there are a couple of good lines... I suppose we can hope! Maybe just a little... end then get back to... Yikes!


    2. There's more to the scene, I just gave an overview.
      But yeah, I think ADB's HH books are a tad, a smidgen, a wee bit better than the others. Abnett does ok but rarely has enough action and tends to not focus on the friggin' Primarchs and Beakies enough.
      Unremembered Empire is definitely Abnett's best HH book I think. Vulkan Lives is like, absolutely required reading though, otherwise you'll be all question marks for Empire.
      And like all the HH books not written by ADB or Abnett, with a very few exceptions (Flight of the Eisenstein, maybe? A couple others?), meh. Iz ok.