Saturday, April 5, 2014

Captain's Log... Bacon Bowl...

Mister Pig... used without permission.

I actually had a good day with all the food and the people from out of town who came to our Blood Bowl league semi-annual tournament.

Oh! The picture... you want to know why the picture? Our tournament is bacon themed so should this post... sheesh... XD

The day did start out well with our organizer and 'ringer' Jeremiah playing, organizing, and cooking.

Jay turns this...

Into this...

While he does this...

Jay can multitask among the best of them. I think though that his game (pictured above) versus a player from northern Virgina, Mick Winters (on the right), was pretty intense. At least that is what I was told... :P

While the crew listened to Dave Arvelo's words on 'How to be most Violent' our old league commish Mike Vagenos was creating and eating the newly invented hog-dog-doughnut.

Mike and the hog-dog-doughnut. 

My day was so-so and not much to talk about. I won my first match against a team that was really set up to be bashy but the dice rolls weren't in the other guys favor. I was stomped by Orcs in the second game... a beating of epic proportions. And finally in the third game I played a fellow mentioned earlier named Mick Winters who won due to my bad dice roll.

When you need to roll a two or better to tie the game, roll a one and then have a 'reroll' to roll it again... and roll a... one... You know your day is over. Fat Tony had a very healthy dinner after the match!

I do have to thank Mike who opened the store for us early to tailgate and set up. I've known Mike for several years as he has worked and gamed in Richmond. He is a great person and a better opponent. Dust, 40K, Infinity, Magic, and a variety of other games are all within the realm of possible games he might be found playing... and he is an expert modeler and painter. We are lucky he works for FTW games.


I have a league match on the 6th at noon and then it is packing time to go out of town for work...

You find some kind of report at some point detailing my match... unless all the Finks are dead... which is possible the way the season is going...



  1. Good food, good friends and (semi)good games! Bacon wrapped dogs, yet! Damn you. Now I'll have to get something special for dinner next week. Bacon wrapped, cheese filled dogs... Yeah! Actually that kinda sounds like the new IG transport hog or Taurox, doesn't it?

  2. Bacon wrapped Taurox... lots of eye-ron... hard on the outside but squishy on the inside... sounds like a treat! :P

    Actually the games were pretty good. I needed the game against orcs since we don't have an actual 'orc' player in our league. With just a few skills it was very competitive for a couple of the 'trophies' that could be won.

    On a side note... I might resurrect the CornerStones (scotlings from Impact miniatures) and play them as a different race rather then dwarf.

    I might play them as Norse. I would have to use two werewolves and yeti but I have these cool orky-monsters from another company that would work great. I would paint two brown to represent the werewolves and the other white/gray to represent the yeti. the rest of the postitions I have already put together and extra's to to differ two guys were I have a 0-2 limit on the team.

    It's got me thinking... but the Finks are far from over... game at noon tomorrow...

    Thank you for taking the time to post Zab. I know it's not your game but I appreciate the look at the notes none the less.


    1. Well i enjoy seeing the different systems and minis out there. i miss gaming, but still much prefer painting. I'll live through folks like you who can game and report. I really like the ponies on impact and might get them to paint up for The agent of chaos to push around at some point. Also hasslefree makes some really nice ball players too that i would love to paint up just for fun.