Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Captain's Log... OBX Update...

Fink's Dirty Rats are in progress. I still have not nailed down a roster but I've got some time. Once again I have to thank my friend Pat for the inspiration and a fellow named Lee for his 'tentacle-brand' of inspiration...

SinSynn 'Two-Tails' The Breeze

Inspiration comes in many forms and even 'tentacles' can be incorporated into the 'skaven' line-up as a homage to a friend on the internet.

I need something added to 'Lucky's' name but haven't put much effort into it yet. It will come though...

The Greasy Thumb 

The 'Greasy Thumb' is the back-up thrower and won't see much action but I painted him first as a test model.

Thanks for looking and if you have any comments about a starting roster or the names feel free to speak up. I'll be in the OBX corner till Saturday with the sand...


1 comment:

  1. Hey dude...
    Just checkin' in. Wanted to make sure yer ok.
    I didn't get a corner comment this week,'s just not the same without a corner comment.
    So I thought I'd stop by and say hi.

    Hope all is well, CK....Aaaagh.
    So...much...Beakie here....
    It buuuuuurns...It buuuuurrns!

    Very nice rats, though!
    Fer realz they're lovely.