Saturday, July 6, 2013

Captain's Log... The Dirty Rat's...

Splinter is our biggest fan.

I haven't gone anywhere  and was having a lousy third season with the CornerStones. Such epic losses only mean one thing for coaches... new teams, new themes.

I waited and finally the new sculpts from Black Scorpion Miniatures were up for sale online. Father's Day finally arrived!

The bases are from Micro Art Studio's and required so little clean-up that I will say there was no flash whatsoever. Good stuff on that purchase form my local game shop.

The primed thrower is going to be named...SinSynn and at some point will probably have a tentacle if he lives that long. It's an homage to an internet friend of mine who enjoys a tremendous amount of lightheartedness when it comes to our hobby and I enjoy his articles.

"Sixteen rats on a dead-mans chest.... "

Initially I won't be needing all sixteen guys but thought it wise to paint a full compliment of line-rats first in case my paint scheme goes... badly.

The theme is compliments of my old friend Tallarn who suggested  ganster nicknames... so the rat-ogre in the back is named 'Fat Tony' and the backup thrower is going to be named 'Greasy Thumb'. 'Scarface' is going to be a line-rat and seems unusually appropriate. Soon custom prone/stunned markers will arrive... "tail up" and "tail down" respectively!

More updates later as the paint goes on and more names are added.

I'll be in a dark corner of some speak-easy till next time... eating cheese...


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