Sunday, July 14, 2013

Captain's Log... Treasure...

Yesterday I went to the Atlantic Coast Charity Cup for Blood Bowl in support of the Wounded Warrior Project. Forty-six people attended the event that was three rounds of Blood Bowl, raffles in between rounds, Hog-dogs (bacon wrapped hot-dogs), and some good ole bashing of stunty teams!

...if ever a motley crew!

Nate Beem and great people from Virginia Beach run the event each year and keep things running smoothly all day long that makes the day go much too quickly!

I direct you to the upper right corner of the picture to look at the 'tentacled' monster that serves as a marker for most people... in my case that little guy will be used as a team 'mascot'... I'm thinking of call him Lee... not sure yet!

1. The top row are excellent resin markers. Two pumpkins, a moster-ized present, and an evil snowman bust... including the 'block dice' monster with a tentacle for an arm!

2. The tan dice in the second row are 'tattoo' themed dice with the ACCC motto, the frosted dice are the yearly 'ACCC' dice, the yellow 'block' dice are from Impact Miniatures (who donated tons of stuff to raffle), and Aussie 'block' dice that were done on a kickstarter project not too long ago. Also pictured are some weather dice for the game but are a little hard to see the symbols... which are just cool!

3. West Coast Quake donated tons of stuff as well to support the project with range rulers, patches, and poker chip 'marker sets' that many do for events.

I went two and one for the day with only allowing two touchdowns over three games. I faced a very fast and agile team in the first round and the nice lady with great painted female elf models 'spanked me'... and  enjoyed every minute of it!

Above you can see me sitting across the table from a gentlemen, whose name I have regretably forgotten, wearing a plaid shirt. Our local club had jerseys made and you can see the back (number seven) on our fearless leader!

In my last round, against the gentleman pictured, I drew a very 'squishy' team that relies upon movment, dodging, and a helpfull troll who was suppose to throw his team mate. It didn't work out well and I really hurt his team in the first turn by knocking out the troll (first block of the game) and another positional player for the rest of the game. It went down hill form there and I managed to knock 12 players out of 15 off the field when it finally ended for my opponent. At one point he was just relieved to have some players on the field and we both laughed every time we started his turn because I kept taunting him by saying... come at me stunty!

Anyway, I have one game left in Season-6 of our local league, rats to paint, and a vacation in there at some point.

If you need me I'll be in some corner with the 'booty'!


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