Sunday, November 17, 2013

Captain's Log... Rumors...

Rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated... and no one gets to claim the insurance money!

I've been doing stuff since I'm more of a player then a blogger and thus the absence of epic proportions of content. I have painted more rats, was ill (very ill), and have received  a goblin team for Blood Bowl. I also went to the local BB Tournament on the 9th and went 1-1-1 for the day with a 'skaven' team I had only played five times previously. Not to bad for an unskilled team and coach.


Here is a picture of a Greebo Nippon Line Goblin that is in progress. It needs some work...

The yellow needs to be cleaner and the pictures reveal some flaws in my hasty painting. I was anxious to get a test 'scheme' up and put it up on the blog for some comments and put it on two of the forums I am a member.

Comments are welcome in the corner...



  1. Nice color scheme. He's like an oni orc. Weird & cool.

    1. Thank you... I'm trying to imitate the scheme Greebo has done with the exception that I want all the 'masks' on the goblins the blue color to keep the theme across the goblin Blood Bowl team. We'll see how it works out.

      I have to clean up the yellow, the wash, and a few other things but seeing as this is the first guy I have painted I got some 'wiggle room'.

      Thanks for the reply Zab...


    2. The blue strikes a nice balance to the yellow. It's a good call.